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  • Mobile Application Development Trends for 2020 - Must Read Trends

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    The mobile Application market just over 28 billion downloads, which is increased by 11 percent as compared to last year. Mobile Application development is still very much in demand in today's market.


    Enhanced mobility is driving an undeniable shift in how Mobile Application Development Companies manage everyday work process, where many companies are vulnerable to taking a wait-and-see approach to implement new technologies. In 2020 business will need to put a limelight on Mobility to match a mobile Application and meet the customer demands. This article explores different types of mobile application technology trends for the potential opportunities and challenges for next order impact.


    1. 5G Networks

    5G networks will create mobile application development opportunities. Still it's too early to complete experience of 5G technology. The benefits of 5G Technologies are continuing to hype up the next generation services and connectivity. Once, 5G Technology released, smartphone users will able to access increased connectivity speeds.


    The 4G connectivity accelerated the mobile application age, but users have been reached an inflection point. Existing networks are not capable of handling the next range of data-driven apps. according to experts view 5G networks will enhance mobile connectivity and improve the smartphone experience for billions of mobile devices.


    5G connectivity will deliver faster data sharing, higher bandwidth, and speeds up to 10 times faster than existing wireless technology. Private 5G networks will able to prioritize data transmissions over others. Organizations will able to automate more core processes and deliver with improved mobility tools for present, capture, and share essential data. High-speed data transfer will totally transfer the way of communication and creation of business processes where the physical and digital are interconnected, in real-time.


    2. marketing campaign


    Many organizations and businesses focus on developing an outstanding application, that functions very well and fulfill the user's requirements. But the marketing campaign is also a very important part. Assume the user's acquisition is easy but the important thing is engaging and retaining users.


    79 percent of users never return after the first visit, when 2 percent of users re-visit your applications by 80-90 days, but marketing campaigns play an important role in turning installs to loyal customers. That's mean the engagement platforms will help brands to increase the share of engaged customers by 30-35 percent.


    Businesses always need to consider creating audiences of the brand loyalists, the train commuters, and the frequent travelers to qualifying their relevance to campaigns offers to their daily habits across any of the channels or technology. the year 2020 is the right time to starting a new way of working, and connecting.


    3. Deep linking

    Mobile application deep linking is shows that there are no signs of losing relevance. There are three types of deep linking: traditional deep linking, deferred deep linking, and contextual deep linking. Contextual deep linking will become the sharing data across interfaces in 2020.


    Digital assistants and voice technology serves information in real-time, rather than adding friction with input screens. People will continue to interact with digital assistants actively and passively by connected home appliances, wearable devices, and many other artificial intelligent devices. Digital assistants can listen and observes in the background of our lives and offer text, Video, and Audio to human search. These technological advancements will need personalized and relevant deep linking practices.


    If your business has established consumer base accustomed to your mobile website. Some users may be reluctant to switch to a mobile application even you make the benefits clear. It’s important to capitalize as many opportunities as possible to send users to the desired interface. Create a seamless experience between mobile applications and websites while still taking advantage of the benefits of an application.


    A converting mobile presence gives valuable info in the sense that you are already giving customers what they want. By basing your application on your user's confirmed preferences, you’ll see long-lasting engagement.


    4. Digital Addiction


    In today’s world, digital addiction has become global. According to researchers, the time spending on social media can cause depression and anxiety. Using tablets and e-readers for a long time has been disrupting sleep cycles and lessen productivity. Apple and Google both released system update to growing demands for the digital being comfortable tracking.


    The customers have been come to expect more from the brands they loved most. The best user experience starts from the new beginning of the new App Development with the user-centric application designing. we have to get in the mind target consumer and understand their habits throughout the app development and app design process.


    When you put the user first at that time you have to tell them that you take care of their wants and about their needs. You allow their thoughts to seep into every aspect of a project, from idea and wire-framing to post-launch marketing efforts. In the end, you develop a better product that truly useful to your users. The trick is now continuing the discussion throughout the application’s life when rolled out updates and introduce new features.


    5. OTT development

    The OTT market is showing customers uptake by providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The application development market is ready for OTT (over-the-top). As well, the major broadcasters are introducing OTT options for their content lineup. Nowadays, analytics companies develop capabilities to the continuous delivery of the data with the OTT market.


    In 2019, the market increased the cross devices attribute capabilities and the ability to include a location. The OTT devices and platforms growing day-by-day and it indicates, there will be huge opportunities in 2020 for the publishers and the advertisers. OTT devices are continuing to evolve media companies to be bringing traditional content on these platforms. The potential for reaching to the broader audiences and capture new sources of the revenue and the companies will evolve in the market and comes out in the competition.



    In this article, we have discussed about Mobile Application Development Trends for 2020. This blog is very helpful to you if you are working with a Mobile Application Development Company to manage your app development process. In this blog, we also explained different types of app development technology trends for the potential opportunities and challenges.

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