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  • Is cloud hosting the future for small businesses?

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    Be it a small industry or a big organization, the data from all of them needs to have access at all the hours of the day, year, or month. Also, why worry about the storage maintenance and hardware maintenance costs when there is cloud hosting for that. As it is cloud storage has already gained that level of popularity that it needs no recommendations. After seeing such demand and popularity, a small level of cloud hosting providers also started coming up with amazing offers on cloud hosting services. Along with these big players in the cloud hosting market started targeting small businesses as well. This is because they realized that small businesses can apparently turn out to be a big economic contributor.


    Small businesses before cloud 


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    Although the cloud storage concept has been existing since the bloom of the IT sector around the world it's the cross-dimensional application that has been exploring in the very recent times. People using the cloud hosting in their daily lives were only never aware of the power it holds or how it is integrated into our computers, smartphones, or tablets. The fact never crosses our minds that these giant social media applications like Facebook or Twitter can be rendered useless without a cloud. Millions and billion user base with infinite data being posted on a daily basis. All posted on the cloud now just keep on imagining the unmetered amount of data that is currently on their cloud storage. Though it took longer to go through the transition from in-house data storage to storing data through cloud hosting. With this, it had set its foot in the market and the thus future is already here. 


    The top reasons why business realized the importance of cloud hosting are- 

    1. Its secured

    2. Its affordable

    3. It provides customization aligned with your business needs

    4. No risk of data loss.

    5. Comes with immediate upgrades 

    6. Uses latest available technology

    7. Accesses anywhere anytime

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    In spite of holding such top-notch advantages, there are still many companies who are still unaware and depend on old conventional ways for data storage.

    Ok now the problems that are specific to small businesses when it comes to shifting to the cloud services altogether are many but out of those many, these are the ones that concern them the most-

    • What type of cloud hosting does the business actually needs?

    • How much will the budget extend?

    • Will there be any security risks involved?


    These questions come across the minds of all small businesses or enterprise owners. But cloud hosting has answered with their incredible performance and services. This made the small businesses also dependent on the convenience of cloud hosting. There is a world out there with some outstanding cloud hosting providers beyond those mainstream services like Google Cloud, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc. The small businesses can explore so much more than these pre-defined service providers. These cloud hosting services do not lack a little bit also and provide the same level of opportunities and security.


    Cloud for small business


    • Most of the cloud applications are browser-based and can be easily accessed from desktop and mobile devices. Now when plenty of these small enterprises are approaching cloud hosting services to improve their business performance, cloud hosting providers have also introduced plans well suiting their requirements, budget, and environment. They have modified their invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting ways accordingly. Many of the users or owners related to these small enterprises handle so many processes through their Android or Apple smartphones for easy and quick access to their accounting data. Apart from there, it becomes so much better to send invoices and track expenses through phones. Due to this, there has been a recorded decline in the backlogs in the business processes or delivery and a certified increase in the incoming incentives. The main benefit where these small businesses encountered improved cash flows and more profit incoming. Let’s see in detail how they were able to get to this point-

    • Lesser staff required  - With cloud deployment, it is but natural that there will be together. This was possible due to less demand for high-class expertise to staff and manage the software and backups. Just by paying the monthly bill set by your cloud hosting provider gives access to relish world-class services. The responsibility shifts from the hands of some dedicated staff members to such affordable cloud hosting provider.

    • Hardware dedicated for sensitive data- When the rest of the business data is been hosted overcloud the company’s valuable hardware space can be saved for sensitive data and will render more computing speed and improved efficiency.  Thus less the hardware, apparently lesser will be the costs that were incurred in the hardware space before.

    • Multi-application consolidation –The separate applications which were not able to be consolidated before but now with cloud hosting is very much possible. Separate applications consolidated into one multi-application.

    • Reduction in system hardware- As after subscribing to the cloud hosting services, data backups, and software programs along with all the files are stored over your hosting provider’s server. Due to this a lot of space is saved on the company’s servers and computers that can be further used to save more integral and sensitive data.

    • Time savings- The hectic procedure of regular up-gradation of applications is no more on the organizations. The cloud hosting companies take total care of this. This saves a lot of company time that was earlier wasted in waiting for the latest upgrades and integrates them on time.


    Still, if you have confusion related to cloud services then you can go through other detailed cloud advantages. We are pretty sure there are plenty of them unexplored. 

    How Cloud-Based ERP Can Benefit Small Businesses | Benefits of ...


    But for now, the markets of small businesses are more than ready to get into cloud hosting services and give a new definition to their business and imagine a very new business future that would have not imagined without the cloud.

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