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  • 10 Best Cloud Music Backup Options in Trend

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    Cloud computing services have brought a new dimension to the way files are stored and accessed, transforming businesses everywhere in the process.


    There is nothing that stops you now from having access to your documents, not only in your personal computer, but also from your other mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that have access to the internet.


    Synchronizing and storing in the cloud provides a seamless access to all formats of documents, such as your multimedia files (pictures, movies and mp3 songs), word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and any other form of files that you may have and use. Several cloud service providers offer backup for all your files including your music files, the question now arises, what is the best backup option for storing music files?


    Well, this is where we come in. This brief guide will address some of the backup options that you have for your music files.


    These services offer a seamless access to your music files in an updated state; if you presently don’t have a cloud service provider that you use for synchronizing and backing up your data, you surely need one. The decisive factor(s) of the one you decide to choose depends on a number of things such as what kind of security do you need, the storage capacity, if you have a plan of collaborating with other individuals or not, and the devices you want to use for editing and accessing your files. Another deciding factor may be how comfortable you are with computer, generally speaking.


    There are service providers which are highly customizable for those with high technology level and some of a more user friendly services for those with a little knowledge about computer tweaking. Always keep this in mind when weighing options.


    To address the issue of how to choose a cloud backup provider, we bring to you some of the best options to consider, when it comes to music-compatible cloud storage. The factor basis for this list comprises of the following: the ease of usage, price, stability and sets of features.


    1. Dropbox


    Dropbox is popular, reliable and simple; it also features a complete file synchronizing storage services that supports real time document collaboration online. The price is the only downside to this rather great backup for all your multimedia files in the cloud, if you were to sign up for a Business account. If you choose a personal account, Dropbox can offer you its services for free, but you will then have much less storage available.


    2.  Microsoft OneDrive


    The Microsoft OneDrive is the default synchronizing and storage solution for Office 365 and Windows 10. This cloud storage service features a rich and powerful set of tools and options, and it also offers a very good platform for applications, much more so than any other cloud storage service. Microsoft OneDrive is free at and if you wish to read more on it, you can always visit their website for a full review of this service.


    3. IDrive


    IDrive is truly in a world of its own, featuring a wealth of fully featured and versatile solutions, in a way that is unmatched by its competitors yet. Its price is also one of its best qualities, contributing to its popularity heavily. The bottom line is that IDrive is reliable and affordable and it is also user friendly enough for people who aren’t that tech-savvy. If you don’t want to spend too much on your music backup, then this is a good option for you.


    4. Google Drive


    Google offers one of the best cloud storage services on the market, and above all it is a free one. Google Drive is in part a synchronizing service, and in part a productivity suite as well; they provide an excellent functionality of collaborative office suite. You can choose this option if you don’t have a plan of paying for your music file backup, it is definitely a good option.


    5. CertainSafe


    This storage solution offers encryption for your music files that is certified for HIPAA. It protects your files with this encryption, which ensures the safety of your files (against copyright infringing), and also makes your files easy to use at any time and place. There is also the option to use this as a free solution, usable by individual parties. As a company of any size, though, you should opt for the paid-for plan, since it is a good solution to have, as a secure means of sharing and storing your company’s files.


    6.  Apple iCloud Drive


    The iCloud Drive from Apple is a good file storage and sync service, that is a worthy solution for all your music backup regardless of what devices you use, but it is best if you are an Apple product user. The only downside is that this backup solution does not match up to its competitors, such as the Microsoft and Google options, according to most reviewers.


    7. SugarSync


    This service is a highly intuitive online backup and file sync service, offering a simple installation process, and the level of control you have is nothing but awesome to say the least. The downside to this great backup option is the pricing: it does not come that cheap. Some people report that its backup operation performance is slow and it also lacks advanced privacy features.


    8. Box


    Box offers a personal storage tool and sync service that is very easy to use, and also highly customizable, since it allows you incorporate your account with a wide variety of services and applications. Give it a try if you’re looking for a simple music backup solution.


    9. SpiderOakONE


    If you want a very strong level of file privacy, then this is the option for you. Though its premium rates are rather pricy, it is a really popular solution among the techies.


    10. Mega


    The Mega storage and sync service is all for encrypting the whole part of the process. They put security in the front of their concerns. This will be a good option for those who really want or need their files to be encrypted.


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