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  • Cloud-based Knowledge Base Can Improve your Customer Experience

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    Customer support is a key selling point for many businesses around the globe. It is one of the best ways to ensure that the customer is going to come back to your business once again in the future. Various companies take different approaches to provide outstanding customer support. Some prefer emails, whereas others still rely on telephone technology.


    However, as the internet grew, many important changes occurred, particularly within the customer support department. When people encounter a problem with a product or service nowadays, they immediately turn to the online world to find the best solution for their problem. 


    This is where a cloud-based knowledge base can significantly improve a company’s customer support and customer satisfaction. Let’s dig in deeper and see the main ways in which cloud-based knowledge base can actually help you improve your customer support.


    Platform Compatibility


    This is one of the most important aspects nowadays, as people use a variety of different operating systems and devices to access the online world. A cloud-based knowledge base is very useful as it is compatible with all of them. All this means that no matter if your customer is coming from an Android, iOS or Windows operating system, the platform is going to be easily accessible.
    What is especially useful is the fact that the software solution’s UI scales well with the size of a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This is incredibly important as your customers can easily access the knowledge base from any device that has an internet connection.


    Effective Workflow


    A cloud-base knowledge base ensures that all of your employees can easily establish a workflow that is going to function flawlessly. The platform offers the option of collaboration for your employees, which is going to ensure that your whole customer support team can actively work together on offering top notch customer service for their employees.


    Live Updates


    There are numerous changes that often occur within a company. This leads to a requirement for various updates to the customer support page. Years ago, updating and changing customer support and FAQ pages required a lot expertise and it took some time for changes to go live.

    Nowadays, making updates to the knowledge base is fairly easy and what is very important is that any updates made are immediately updated for everyone who visits these pages. This feature enables better customer support, as your customer support agents can immediately respond to any questions by editing the already existing content in the knowledge base.


    Multiple Applications


    A cloud-based knowledge base is a very flexible software solution, which makes it useful for multiple different purposes. For example, you can make parts of the customer support visible to anyone who visits your website, but you can also create a subcategory in the knowledge base that can only be viewed by your employees or people to whom you have outsourced a task. The variety of functionality that this platform offers is perfect for optimizing your customer support budget without sacrificing customer satisfaction.




    Every company, at some point of its existence, experiences growth. These are the times when your cloud-based knowledge base is going to experience growth as well. Many businesses face problems during growth, as their customer support pages have their limits. For example, the server on which you are hosting has size limits; you need to invest more money in order to add more information online.

    On one hand, a huge number of visits can make the website work slower and you need the assistance of an IT team. On the other hand, knowledge base platforms can endlessly scale with the growth of the company. The aforementioned problems cannot occur, as everything is actively taken care of by a team of professionals at all times. 


    This is very important; neither is your business going to experience problems during the growth period nor are your customers going to stay without the essential information that they might need.


    Easier Management


    In the past, having this sort of service included high expenses. First of all, you would need to invest in high quality hardware and special high speed internet connection for those moments when the page would be visited by a high number of visitors. Additionally, setting up this system required whole teams of people with IT expertise, which would additionally increase the costs of having this type of customer support. 


    By using a cloud-based knowledge management, you get much more for a lower amount of money invested. All of the hardware is already offered by the third party company, which also supports a skilled team of people who are available at all times. This makes it possible for your team to focus on offering the ultimate customer experience without facing any problems along the way.


    Ease of Use


    Introducing any new type of software in a company always requires a certain amount of training. Luckily, the knowledge base platform is quite intuitive and easy to use; it actually requires no training as everything is straightforward and simple. This means that every team member that you have in the company will be able to get used to the platform fairly quickly.


    So, if someone who is responsible for customer support is away on a holiday, other people can intervene and keep the customer support page updated with the latest content. This ensures that your support is always going to be live, updated and easy for your customers to see.


    These are the ways in which a cloud-based knowledge base can improve your customer support and create the ultimate customer experience, which is an essential part of business growth. So if you are thinking about making improvements of your customer support pages, implementing and relying on this type of platform is a perfect solution.

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