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  • How to design XSL-fo style-sheet in XML

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    Answer it

    Hello guys
    I need help to design XSL-fo style-sheet but I don't know which is the best way of design to XSL-fo for generate PDF file.

    Please suggest me best way of design XSL-fo style-sheet.

    My code format is below :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <fo:root xmlns:fo="" xmlns:html="" writing-mode="lr-tb" hyphenate="false" text-align="start" role="html:html">
    <fo:layout-master-set> <fo:simple-page-master page-width="auto" page-height="auto" master-name="all-pages"> <fo:region-body column-gap="12pt" column-count="1" margin-left="1in" margin-bottom="1in" margin-right="1in" margin-top="1in"/> <fo:region-before display-align="before" extent="1in" region-name="page-header"/> <fo:region-after display-align="after" extent="1in" region-name="page-footer"/> <fo:region-start extent="1in"/> <fo:region-end extent="1in"/> </fo:simple-page-master> </fo:layout-master-set>
    <fo:page-sequence master-reference="all-pages"> <fo:title>Hello World </fo:title><fo:static-content flow-name="page-header"> <fo:block font-size="small" text-align="center" space-before="0.5in" space-before.conditionality="retain"> Hello World </fo:block> </fo:static-content>
    <fo:static-content flow-name="page-footer"> 
    <fo:block font-size="small" text-align="center" space-after="0.5in" space-after.conditionality="retain"> - <fo:page-number/> - </fo:block> </fo:static-content>
    <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body"> <fo:block role="html:body">
     <fo:block space-before="1em" space-after="1em" role="html:p"> Hello World! </fo:block> 

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