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  • Apache Felix Gogo in Liferay 7

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    Apache Felix Gogo helps to get the details of all modules installed in Liferay 7. It is very useful when overriding JSP or Actions.


    Before overriding, you must know the bundle in Liferay's module framework and its version so that you can override the same. Felix Gogo shell comes with Liferay to help you in this. Please use the following command to connect with gogo shell. Notice, Liferay server must in running state.


    telnet localhost 11311


    Once you connect, you should see a message that says Welcome to Apache Felix Gogo. The prompt looks like this.




    If you wish to override the Login JSP than you must know its detail. Lets take this example and try to find its detail. 


    g! lb | grep Login


    You will see something like this.


    214|Active     |   10|Liferay Login Authentication Facebook Connect Web (2.0.3)
    215|Active     |   10|Liferay Login Authentication Google Web (2.0.2)
    216|Active     |   10|Liferay Login Authentication OpenID Web (2.0.2)
    217|Active     |   10|Liferay Login Web (1.0.7)
    292|Active     |   10|Liferay Portal Security Auto Login (2.0.3)


    Fourth line useful to us. It explains the module Id, status, level, name and its version. Run the following command to get more detail.


    g! b 217


    Output will look like.


    com.liferay.login.web_1.0.7 [217]
      Id=217, Status=ACTIVE


    Its done. The first line explains the actual fragment name, that is used to override the login module. I'll explain how to override Login JSP in next blog.

    Gogo is not limited to this only, we can do much more than this. You can read this to know more.


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