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  • 7 Best Open-Source Design Resources For The Graphic Designer In You

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    The art of communication has evolved effectively, and to date, we recognize it as a process of combining typography, photography, and illustration in terms of graphic design. The aim has not only been restricted to conveying your message or to tell a story; it has become a means for problem-solving and beyond.


    Designers don’t need to draw in caves or paper sheets now when they can have a software to create a design and share it with the world. The software has shed half the load off a contemporary designer, regardless of his position in the industry.


    These days, Adobe Creative Cloud maintains the platinum standard for being the best design software out there due to its advanced features. If you’re beginning with graphic designing, you don’t necessarily have to use this software because the technicality and pricing can leave you baffled.


    However, you can still create compelling visuals using other design tools and software for your website or your client’s website. These might not be as high-tech as Adobe, but they can still give you the professional edge you’ve wanted.


    Always remember, use the resources that align with your exact needs.


    Here is a list of free online design resources that designers from novice to professionals can use smoothly and swiftly. We’ve listed them according to their user-friendliness and accessibility.


    1.      Google Web Designer


    This next-level web application from Google lets you create a variety of web design opportunities. When you use the integrated visual and code interface, you can create outstanding web content with the help of drawing tools, 3D objects, and text. It also lets you develop codes in CSS, JavaScript, and XML format, where it also highlights the syntax and enables autocompletion to reduce code error.


    After content creation, you can work on the responsiveness of your layout for various screens to add a dynamic touch to your personalized ads. Most of all, it’s an excellent resource for web designers that’s free to download.


    2.      Inkscape


    If you’re looking for a vector-based graphic editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Xara X, or Corel Draw, Inkscape might be the one you might be looking for. It uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as its native format, distinguishing it from the others.


    With numerous high-end features for object creation and manipulation, paths operation, fill and stroke, text support, file formats, and rendering, Inkscape can take your design process from start to the end, regardless of your professional level. You can use this open-source software for branding, marketing, engineering, web graphics, and illustration for both digital and print media.


    3.      GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP


    If you’re a fan of Photoshop but can’t seem to get the hang of it, GIMP might be the solution for you. Apart from being free, it’s a highly-prized alternative to Photoshop. Beginning its journey in the 1990s, the GIMP design program developed gradually and now specializes in creating and editing raster-based graphics for image retouching, free-form drawing, image-format converting, and other special features.


    While it’s one of the best programs for newbie designers, it has a lot more to offer for the experts. The best bit is, you can augment different plugins with it to create just about anything.


    4.      Vectr


    Vectr is an online graphic design cross-platform tool that believes in connecting people through art. It lets you create vector graphics easily and intuitively. Within the 2D domain, you can create almost anything, such as compelling website templates, unique logos, brochures, business cards, presentations, posters, and much more.


    While you create the designs online or download its desktop version, Vectr provides you a URL for each design you create. If you involve a team, where each person can collaborate and edit the design in real-time. Every design you create with Vectr is clean and crisp. Plus, it’s also free to use.


    5.      Gravit Designer Pro


    Also an online cross-platform vector graphic design resource, Gravit is a similar platform that allows you to either work online or download the desktop version for your OS. Of all the design features, it provides you 500 MB cloud storage, PDF export (72 and 150 DPI), and RGB-only color space in the free version.


    However, the features demand you to use your creativity. For instance, you can create professional logo design using its standalone illustration feature. It also lets you create UX and UI-oriented projects and designs with a professional touch. 


    6.      Easelly


    Infographics have been mainstream for some time now. These have proved to be an effective and convenient means of conveying information. Easelly provides you the chance to convert your word documents or presentations into creative and engaging visuals.


    You don’t need professional experience or use complex vectors when you can use over 100,000s of images and infographic templates. Moreover, this tool is ideal for non-designer individuals who want to present information in the most visually appealing manner. Again, free makes Easelly even better.


    7.      Canva


    You can’t compare Canva to Photoshop or Illustrator or Figma, but you can’t possibly miss the beautiful designs it has in store for you. You can create almost anything here, ranging from flyers to resumes and posters to business cards and social media banner and much more. It also has editing features where you can toss and turn the graphics as you like.


    Moreover, you can share your creations online with your friends and family over social media too. While all the essential features are free, you can avail of the premium ones at $1 per image. It also comes in the app format so you can make designs and share them anywhere at any time.


    Design It Like You Mean It


    Graphic design tools are meant more for just the design’s sake. These open the portal of various possibilities that lie in your hindsight. Besides being free, each of the tools mentioned above has qualities of their own. You can design at your heart’s ease with the software that returns your call.

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