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  • Canva: How a Simple Designing App Became Favorite Among All

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    A viral design app of today, Canva started from a very basic and today has become one of the favorites of businesses and designers alike. The success of Canva inspires many aspiring entrepreneurs and developers to start their unique ventures in respective fields. And many of them still wonder, what does Canva do that leads it to its tremendous success? The answer is here.

    Canva: A Successful Design App for All Users

    Graphic design is considered a very tough field to choose from. Opening the doors for all users, whether they belong to technical or non-technical backgrounds, Canva becomes an easier way to achieve the best results without having to face any technical difficulties.

    The functions embedded within the app are enough to impress its users and provide the best support for designing their required brochures, logos, brand marketing pamphlets, and more. 

    As images have become an essential ingredient to deliver your message to target audiences efficiently, Canva holds its significance in the app market and, according to reports, has generated a $4.66 billion value in the last funding round.

    5 Factors Contributing to Increasing Popularity of Canva

    These are the factors that are responsible for the increasing popularity of Canva as they deliver the best user experience and provide excellent design ability.

    1. Graphic Design as a Service

    Canva adapted to the very famous and crucial aspect of today's technology- Software as a Service (SaaS). And as a result, Canva delivers its graphic design software as a service to its users. This makes it an ideal choice for designers, too, who can work with Canva from anywhere as the data is accessible from the cloud.

    Moreover, it is a platform that supports the designing needs of a user not belonging to the technical background. It makes it easier to design according to their demands and on their conditions.

    2. User-Friendly Interface

    As mentioned, Canva includes all sets of tools that a graphic designer may need to develop a design of their choice. The user interface of Canva is intuitive and user-friendly. Colors, fonts, templates, free images to add to their designs, and more- all are available in a wide variety of range and help craft an excellent design.

    3. User Feedback and Rigorous Testing

    As the creators of Canva admit, they have emphasized delivering an excellent product to their users. It insisted on performing multiple testing routines on the code and developed a solution to produce the best results. The ultimate key to winning the heart of an app user is by providing them the best support.

    The creators of Canva kept that in mind and performed multiple testing and collected user feedback whenever they introduced changes to the existing code. This process continued until they achieved the product they were striving for and later released the app in the market. And this factor holds importance for every app developer and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

    4. Word of Mouth Publicity

    Your app users can become your brand ambassadors. And Canva is an excellent example of it. During the initial time after its release, the users of Canva started talking about the functions and features offered by Canva that worked wonders. For example, if a business launched an uber clone app in the market, its initial users can focus on marketing the app usage if the app proves to be truly useful. And the same happened with Canva.

    As their fan base grew strong and increased, their app users started marketing the excellent services provided by Canva, which gave a significant increase to their app user base and increased their app revenues to a great extent. Word of mouth publicity is the oldest and an excellent way to market your products and Canva is enjoying the benefits of it.

    5. Design Guides and Continuous Support

    Canva doesn't stop at providing the best support for designing graphics. Under the title of its design school, it runs a blog that includes a plethora of articles that include how-to guides, tutorials, design inspirations, design fundamentals, and more to satisfy the graphic designers and app users' hunger for more knowledge.

    This allows the team of Canva to extend their support to all their app users, graphic designers, and aspiring designers in need. The blog of Canva scores amazing reviews, and reader counts because of its simplicity and usefulness in the routine life of their app users.


    The success of Canva concludes that any app concept can succeed in the market with the right approach towards their app users. Every aspiring entrepreneur can learn a lot from this app's success story to get their app solution running in the market. Every successful app solution of today introduced a unique concept in the market and served its users with the best services to achieve desired results. Have you checked out any other app concepts yet? If not, start today!

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