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  • UX Design: 5 Tips to Make Your Website More Effective

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    With the ongoing digital revolution, the demand for User Experience (UX) design is also escalating. This industry has undergone a consistent change in the past few years even though it is relatively new.


    No matter what the case – whether you are new to user experience or a design maestro expert in the field, I’ve gathered 5 pro tips that may help tweak the way you work and create the best possible experiences for users.


    Know Your Users

    It is extremely important for you as a designer to keep user experience into consideration while designing your website. If users have a hard time performing a task or finding a particular feature, they are likely to turn to another site. Don’t rely solely on stats and analytics. Get in the shoes of the users and see how they are likely to interact with a product, website or mobile application.


    Pro tip: Identify your audience before you begin your design process and leverage this knowledge to increase the efficacy of your designs.


    Embrace the White Space

    White space is not only about aesthetics, it’s a fundamental component of each visual composition and the key to successful user interfaces. It helps emphasize particular elements that require special attention from users. As a matter of fact, studies show that white space increases comprehension by up to 20%.


    Additionally, white space is a vital tool for creating visual hierarchy. So as a designer, you have to incorporate it smartly throughout the website. Play around with white space and typographic headers to enhance the user experience.


    Think of a website like a voyage: make the users sail through the sections by having a clear understanding of users’ personas, needs and goals.


    Leverage the Golden Ratio                                                                                                              

    Web pages tend to have a more balanced appearance when designers integrate the golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, in websites. Interestingly enough, the math of the golden ratio can be found in various works of art, objects and even people.


    These designs are subconsciously aesthetically appealing to the users. Sidebars, blocks of texts, images, buttons, etc. can be properly placed in golden rectangles to create the ‘perfect’ web design. So, integrate the golden ratio into your design to create a stunning website.


    Use Powerful Tools for Team Work

    If you’re an independent business or a Dallas web design company, then you shouldn’t be reluctant to work with a number of specialists to deliver an outstanding user experience. Establish proper communication channels and spend more time collaborating, planning and organizing teams to make sure the outcome is great. I usually use Trello for the smaller projects linked with Slack and Confluence for the heavy ones. These wonderful tools not only make your life easier, they also save you from losing an important email.


    Remember ‘Less is More’

    Design trends come and go, but all great designs have one thing in common: simplicity. Since minimalist and simple designs are easier to understand, they are more appreciated by the audience.


    When applied correctly, minimalism can help designers improve their designs, thereby simplifying user tasks. It also brings along additional benefits to the websites, such as faster loading times and better compatibility between screen sizes. So when you eliminate unnecessary elements or content that don’t support user tasks, the remaining elements on the screen become more potent. As a result, the message is communicated to the user more strongly.


    For instance, if you’re an ecommerce company, you may design a clean web page, featuring the most popular dresses of your store. This will provide the users a simple and enjoyable shopping experience.


    No matter what design style you follow, aim for clarity and simplicity in your design.

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