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Creating a Tic-Tac-Toe Game Using CSS

Hello readers, Well all love to play games whether a child or an adult. So here in my blog I have tried to create a game which we all have played in his/her life in their childhood days.   So, I have created it using CSS properties , h...

Combinators in CSS

Combinators, are ways to combine different selector into a new exact selector. A combinator explains the relationship between the selectors. There are 4 types of combinators in CSS:- descendant selector (space) child selector (>) ...


Css Selector: It is a css rule set used to select the the content you want to style. Types of selectors you want to style: Id selector Element selector Group Selector Universal selector Class selector ID Selector: It selects t...

CSS selector?

CSS selector is a part of CSS rule set which is actually selects the content of your page which you want to give style. There are different kinds of selectors available. Universal Selector: Apply CSS on all of the elements * { co...
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