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Transparent background using CSS

Hey there! There are never enough things to do with CSS. We may think of the weirdest stuff, and CSS makes it possible. One such thought that popped into my mind was of transparent background. We have used  colors and images as background...

How to insert an icon in an input type?

Hello Readers! Many a times, we must have seen a magnifying glass (search icon) in a search type input box. There are many input types in various web pages that have an icon relating to that input type. It makes them look appealing but doing t...

CSS Parallax

Hello Readers! Have you ever looked out of a car window while driving and noticed how fast the electricity poles move by, while the mountains in the background move really slowly. This is what we say, parallax motion, in real. For a long ti...

How to stretch a background image to a div

Hey Readers! This blog post is going to solve the problem you must have faced sometime while putting a background image. There are situations when we want the background image to fill the entire div (instead of the viewport) without distorting...

Grid (lines) over image

So, this thing took lot of my time. I hope it will save yours. Here, we need a parent div and a child div. Parent div will have the image in background, I am using inline style so that one can use it in as many pages as he/she wants. Here's...
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