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  • Use of Virtual Reality App Development in Different Industries

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    The tech trend of virtual reality is something that might change the way in which we see the world, however, it might also transform the business world as we know it. From the standpoint of marketing, advertising via virtual reality apps drastically increases the immersion, seeing as how it employs you to use more senses. On the other hand, it’s equally as important in the manufacturing industry, due to the fact that you get to examine the end product much more thoroughly, long before it’s actually finished. With that in mind and without further ado, you need to consider the possibilities of VRs implementation in your industry, as well.


    Real estate industry


    The first massive improvement that comes from both VR and AR (augmented reality) is the additional leverage and persuasiveness in the real estate industry. You see, providing your client with the ability to take a tour of the place without having to travel across town will give them the ability to inspect more places. Other than this, it will also give them a chance to see the place that’s still in construction. Needless to say, this is a notion that works to everyone’s benefit and increases the probability of closing the sale.


    Aside from this, AR can allow people interested in buying the place a chance to customize it with the use of their phone. Sometimes, you’re not buying the place for its current state but for the potential that it has. With the help of the AR app, a buyer will be able to see what the place will look like once they change the wallpaper and the floor within the room. This visual customization will allow them to see it all more clearly. It goes without saying that alongside the real estate industry, the construction business will be changed, as well.




    With the help of an adequate VR app, simulation scenarios in education will become more immersive. This means that courses will have more pragmatic value and allow its participants to be prepared for tasks that come ahead. Organizing these simulations in a real environment would be difficult, expensive and even life-threatening. For instance, imagine a driving school where you, via a VR simulation, get to experience what it’s like when your breaks malfunction. Seeing this during the course may prepare you for a similar scenario in real life, thus saving your life, nonetheless, there’s no driving school out there that would try this out in the real world. This is why educational organizations that incorporate VR apps into their business model might soon be in much greater demand than those who don’t.


    Virtual workplace


    The biggest problem with a virtual workplace is the alienation of people from their coworkers. This, however, is not just a problem from a social standpoint but from the perspective of productivity, as well. Needless to say, as an employer, you can monitor the dedication of your employees via an employee monitoring software such as Uniguard. But there’s not much you can do in order to boost their loyalty. No matter how well you pay them, there’s always someone willing to pay more and it’s much easier for your employees to develop a sense of belonging to a group than to a brand. With the help of VR conference apps, you just might be able to overcome this massive shortcoming of a virtual workplace and get the best of both worlds.


    Law enforcement and military


    This is somewhat similar to what we’ve discussed in the education section, however, in these two fields, in particular, the use of VR apps may start saving lives. It’s easy to train in a closed-off environment but what if the training simulation could emulate all the street noises like the raging traffic, barking dogs and the recoil of discharging weapons. Needless to say, a person that undergoes such training is bound to stay level-headed in a real-life scenario. In these two industries, such improvement in the quality of education could end up saving countless lives. Of course, same goes for paramedics, firefighters, commercial pilots and all those who constantly find themselves in life-threatening situations.


    Medical industry


    Another great benefit of virtual reality comes in the field of medical industry where your VR can take the concept of telemedicine to a whole new level. Sure, even today the concept of online appointments and examinations is widely used, yet, it’s limited by the inability of the medical expert to examine their patient in person. Most importantly, when it comes to one’s mental health, VR and VR apps can be used for various forms of therapy and treatment. This is the so-called immersion therapy that could potentially make a huge breakthrough in the field of psychotherapy. A great example of how this works can be seen in the way in which virtual reality treats people for fear of heights.




    Last, but in no way least important, is the notion of entertainment and film industry. We’ve seen that, as of lately, 3D movies are becoming all the rage and that you can seldom see an A-list movie that’s not filmed in this technique. With the assistance of VR devices and VR apps, both movies and trailers could become more immersive. This is especially true for experimental movies like Hardcore Henry, recorded from first-person with a GoPro camera. As for video games where immersion is everything, 3D might soon become an industry standard. All in all, this will lead to more immersion but also higher production costs.


    In conclusion


    With each new tech trend, concept and device there are new options in a plethora of industries and fields. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with pioneering new technologies. Sure, this gives them a chance to gain an early competitive edge but it is also somewhat risky. After all, not every concept makes it. Still, VR is hardly a new idea and, at the moment, it’s all but guaranteed that it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

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