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  • Top 6 Ways To Encourage Users To Review Your Mobile App

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    As per the recent statistics, both Google Play Store and Apple Play Store have more than two million applications each and with every day passing this number will just keep on increasing. This is an ever growing concern for companies and brands out there who want their mobile apps to flourish in the international market.


    In the midst of hundreds and thousands of apps, it can be quite an overwhelming task to rank among the top. But don't worry, there's one thing that can help you in increasing the credibility of your application and that is app reviews. Yes, that's right! App reviews are considered as a genuine source of credibility that basically provides users a basic idea about the app and its work.


    So without any further ado, let's take a look at some of the best ways you can easily encourage your app users to review your mobile application:


    1. Encourage your app users

    Encouragement is a must when it comes to getting more reviews on your application from a significant number of people. With a higher user rating and review of your app, you’ll also notice a sudden increase in downloads as well.


    This is because customers trust other app users, so noticing that people are enjoying the app, will also provide encouragement to the new users.


    For instance, app developers can directly send surveys to your app users and then initiate the step of providing a Mobile app review or rating to the application. In addition to this, app developers can also go ahead and offer incentives to your users, for example, special coupons.


    2. Using Relevant Keywords

    The next thing that you need to do is use only those keywords that are relevant to you. For that purpose, it is vital to check out Google AdWords and also go through the top charts and trending apps of the app stores. This will also assist you in finding out what the majority of users are searching for nowadays.



    3. Consistent & Regular Updates

    Make sure to release regular updates to your mobile application as this will also help the brand stay in competition for the long run. A new and updated release is also an effective way to re-engage existing end-users while also attracting some new app users. Here, creating a better service or product with advanced features and aim to keep your users satisfied.


    4. Social Media Engagement

    There’s no denying the fact that your mobile app users are extremely active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so much more. It’s crucial for your app to take advantage of this situation by building an online brand persona that can perfectly reflect your applications' personality.


    As an app developer, your main aim should be to create conversations, increase engagement with your app users, and make use of your brand to the fullest. Try to create visually appealing content for your application, which holds the capability to attract a significant number of app users and encourages customer engagement which could also lead to free advertising on social media platforms.


    5. Importance of App Icon

    Another important aspect that many fail to notice is that the app icon is also known as the app store icon. This is mainly because your app icon is one of the first things that will be noticed by the end-users. That's why make sure it’s eye-catching as well as highly memorable.


    The app store icon should be treated as a symbol used for the representation of what your application actually does. At this point, you should also encourage people to scroll through the entire app store in order to download an app that matches their preferences. The icon should also be simple and not messy at all!


    6. User is the priority

    Last but not least, as an app developer your primary objective should be to always focus on the targeted set of app users and building an application that can fulfill their requirement. This can be done smoothly by checking the analytics and other major factors affecting the users.


    Try to find out what your app users like about your platform along with what needs to be improved in the future. An additional tip is to make your app free, as it will definitely increase your number of mobile app downloads.


    Mobile app reviews are not just great for increasing your app downloads in the app stores but also building an appropriate brand image of the application in the market. Apart from that, app reviews are also very helpful if you are someone who is just launching their first app in the market.


    In addition to this, we would also like to mention the fact that they are a dedicated platform available to review apps. Partnering with such app review platforms is not exactly buying reviews but taking upon a promotional service.

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