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  • Reduce APK Size

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    Hello Readers !!


    Today I will explain to you how you can reduce the size of the APK file.

    We need to take care following points when we create a build so that APK size should be small.


    • Device Filter:- This is a very important point to understand about the build and target device. By default, Unity works on both 32 bit and 63 bit binaries. But due to this size of the APK size may increase. So if you want to reduce the size of the APK file then you can set Device Filter to "ARM 7". This is for the 64-bit devices, But due to this your size will increase.


    • Stripping Level :- Stripping level also plays a major role in the build size. By default, unity gives it is a Default. But you have four options in which you can switch this and can reduce the size accordingly. The best way is "Use micro mscorlib". This will give you minimum APK size.


    • API Compatibility Level:- In this, you have two options. .NET 2.0 and .NET 2.0 Subset. You should always for with the .NET 2.0 Subset because this gives you compressed files to you.

    This is how you can reduce the size of the APK file.

    Try this and Keep Coding.!!




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