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  • Mobile App Development - Guidelines to Find the Best Mobile App Developer

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    There is no bible written to help you hire the best Mobile App developer. But if we know what kind of Mobile App we need, we can achieve the feat. With such an aggressive ecosystem of Mobile App development, we always look for a developer who is well versed with latest technology and tools to save time and dollars and yet deliver an App that appeals the target audience.


    Mobile App developers with an incredible eye for detail and who believe in the development of high-performance Apps are readily available in the market. All we need to know is the art of differentiating the fluff from the actual talent. Hiring the best mobile app developer is a major roadblock for entrepreneurs and business owners to make a brilliant idea hit the high road.


    Stick to the guide below and assess the mobile App developer’s skills and commitment levels on the measuring rods below to make it easy for you to pin down the perfect one:


    Know how the hiring process operates

    If you are new to the hiring landscape of a mobile App developer, the best practice is to keep yourself open for both outsourcing and on boarding a Mobile App developer for the task. Make sure you do not cut yourself off due to the time zone difference as you may find some developer across borders who can accomplish your tasks at half the prices if you keep limited to your area.


    Begin an open-ended conversation

    Do not make it evident that a person is the only candidate you have approached till now. Run through their reviews and rating from the last clients and send out a general query if he or she is available to pick up a Mobile App development task right now. Never ever should you share the details of the project in the first go.


    Measure professionalism

    The task of hiring a developer had been easy if it was only about technical skills. There are many developers out there who are extremely proficient at technical jobs but lack commitment and professionalism. The reply to your email is the right platform to assess how professional they are. The important aspects you must look for are how quickly and efficiently did they reply to your email. If it took them more than 24 hours to reply, they may not be very active in communication which may prove to be a drawback. Move to the next step only when you feel satisfied at this point or else you will be wasting your time.


    Understanding level

    It is good to know that you found a professional and right candidate to work on your App. While you plan to discuss the project over the phone or Skype call assesses the understanding and grasping levels of the developers. This may help you in the future if there are any kinds of sudden deviations to the features or usability aspects of the App.


    Niche Expertise

    Looking for an App developer who has business and technology niche expertise is no unrealistic approach. If you want your end product to engage maximum users with its customization capabilities and usability aspects hiring a developer who knows the right technology stack and inside operation of how your business works, looking for niche expertise is important. 


    Ask them about SDLC

    A Mobile App development company generally ensures their operational methodology is as close to the SDLC as possible. Working with freelancers is a little difficult feat as they may not have a process well defined that can pose a lot of risk to your Mobile App development as well as management.


    Ask your potential candidates about how they manage the project and what guidelines do they follow for UI/UX development gives you a clear idea about the candidate’s real-world experience.


    Testing Methodology

    Exhaustive testing is a must for delivering an excellent product. You must have a clear understanding of the level of testing do they offer along with the Mobile App development so that you clearly know whether you would require a tester or not.


    NDA and Legal Contract

    Whether you hire a freelancer or a Mobile App development company, you must make sure they are ready to sign a Non-disclosure agreement and a legal contract with you. It is the best way to protect your intellectual properties like business documents or unique ideas for business Apps.  


    Development charges and engagement module

    Assess the skills you are getting against the payouts that are being demanded. If you feel it is worth, go ahead and make 20% payment upfront and leave rest aside to be transferred once the project is delivered as per your expectations.


    Generally, the freelancers take up multiple projects at a time and then struggle to deliver them timely. Hiring freelancers may jeopardize your roadmap so it is best advisable to hire mobile app developer from a Mobile App development company.


    To wrap

    The guide gives up the 360-degree idea of what is a suitable way to pin down a Mobile App developer who is perfect for your requirements, budgets and the timelines. Although the task is challenging, you will learn a lot from the entire process. We would love to hear your experience about hiring a developer. Do post your experience in the comment box below as you follow this guide. 

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