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  • How To Increase Youtube Views For Free In 2019

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    Today, In this post I am going to tell my tips and tricks on how to increase YouTube views in 2019. When I start using these techniques my videos, as a result, I have gained 1 million views with 7000 subscribers. In this post, you are going to learn all the youtube SEO strategies which I learn from the last 2 years.



    Page content: SEO Guide to increase YouTube views

    1. YouTube keyword research
    2. Use a Custom Thumbnail
    3. Title of your video
    4. Description of the video
    5. Use relevant tags
    6. Optimize your video file name
    7. Add subtitles on your video
    8. Customize your channel
    9. Use playlist
    10. Call to action


    Increase YouTube Views for free using Keyword Research

    As you know that YouTube is 2nd largest search engine on the internet and it has it’s own algorithm to rank YouTube. It is the best source available for video content online. Every minuter 400 hours of content is being uploaded on youtube.


    Many New YouTubers don’t do keyword research and just upload videos and If you want to overtake them, then you should do keyword research. Doing keyword research can help you to increase the chances to rank on top of YouTube search results.


    Keyword Research can Help You in Finding Video topic ideas with high searches and low competition. Targeting these video ideas you can easily rank your videos on YouTube.


    When your video gets ranked on YouTube After that, you will not have to worry about views and subscribers.


    Now You know the importance of keyword research for increasing YouTube views organically. If you are thinking what is keyword research? how to do it? Don’t worry I am going to explain keyword research you in detail.


    What is Keyword Research?

    Keyword Research can be explained as that you are finding the topics which your visitor is searching on youtube and google. The main motive of keyword research is to find the youtube video ideas with high searches and low competition. So you can easily rank on youtube.


    If you want to learn how to do keyword research for your YouTube channel. There are lots of tools are available for this. Some of the best tools are Tubebuddy and VidiQ. Both of the tools are chrome extension which can be used for youtube keyword research.


    I already made a video tutorial on how to use Tubebuddy for keyword research ?. You can check out it for more details information.


    Use a Custom Thumbnail

    YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine where every video is competing with each other. On YouTube each creator wants the visitor to click on their video. So you have to design a thumbnail which targets visitor’s emotion or problem.


    Ultimately I want to say that makes Catchy and attractive thumbnail. If your thumbnail looks attractive and your video provides value to them. Your video starts ranking on YouTube.


    Things to keep in mind while designing thumbnails:

    1. Have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel
    2. keep it under 2MB
    3. Try to use the 16:9 aspect ratio for better views on YouTube.
    4. Don’t Use color similar to the YouTube site
    5. Use minimum text possible
    6. Target Emotion or query of visitor in the thumbnail.


    How to design a thumbnail for a YouTube video?

    You can easily design a YouTube thumbnail by your phone. There are lots of apps available  For instance PicsartPhotoshop touch, and pixel lab, etc.


    If you don’t have any smartphone. So you can use software like Adobe Photoshop, gimp, etc. Some online website was also available from where you can design a thumbnail for yourself, for example,


    Learn How to optimize YouTube Video’s title properly

    You should be focused on the video topic while writing a title for your video.


    Your title should clearly describe your video otherwise people are not going to click on your video. You can increase the chances of people clicking on your video thumbnail by just adding phrases like secrets, hidden, Best, Top, You should now, or adding the year.


    So, how can you use them on your video title let me explain it, for example, the topic of my video is How to increase youtube subscribers?


    You can title it by following ways:

    • How to increase youtube subscribers in 2019?
    • 10 tips to increase youtube subscribers
    • 5 ways to increase subscribers you should know


    So, this the method to make your title more attractive for people but you have to also think about Youtube SEO.


    Consequently, you have to work on the SEO part of your title to get as many views as possible. So let dive in the SEO part for your video title.


    Here Are Some Tips for Writing an SEO Friendly Title


    Use Keywords in the title: Google crawlers are much better in reading than watching a video. Therefore you should add keywords on your title. So, Google crawlers can easily identify the topic of your video.


    Use the youtube search bar: You have to give people for what they are searching for therefore youtube search bar is the best option to find a topic with high searches and low competition.


    YouTube Autocomplete features to find best title for your videos


    Don’t make the title too long: Google trims the maximum character in title to 66 characters therefore whenever you are titling your video you should keep it under 50 characters.


    Make a descriptive title: As I already told you that you have to use keyword in your title. So most of the people are going to spam with keywords in their video title, as a result, their video will not going to rank because of keyword spamming in the title.


    Don’t use Video word in your title: If you add video word in your title this not going to help and just increase your video title which is not in good in any term.


    Optimize Description of  Youtube video


    Coming back to the SEO aspect of YouTube, Video description can’t be neglected because it plays an important role in ranking the youtube video. The description of the video helps to rank it on youtube as well as on Google, On the other hand, it also helps the viewers to understand the main motive of the video.


    How to Write an SEO friendly description for YouTube videos?

    Firstly, While writing a youtube video description you have to keep in mind that you have to provide an idea about your video and Don’t start explaining it in details. Secondly, Make sure you use your focus keyword in description’s first two lines.


    How many word description is enough?

    The two main motive of writing video’s description which are

    1. Giving an idea to viewers about video topic.
    2. For Explaining search engine what is the main topic of the video.


    You don’t have to overwrite the description just write 75-100 words of description which fulfill the above requirements. A proper SEO friendly description can help you in increasing your youtube views tremendously.


    Use Relevant Tags for YouTube Video:

    Make use of YouTube search bar for getting relevant tags for your YouTube videos. Add all of those relevant tags to your video. This will helps your video to get ranked on YouTube as well as google.


    Don’t use any other famous YouTuber name in your tags or any other irrelevant tags this will hurt your video SEO factor Therefore use only relevant tags for your video to get full benefits of all  YouTube video tags.


    Metadata of any YouTube video is one of the most important factors which affects its ranking. So you can see the metadata of top-ranking video to get an idea of how they are optimizing their videos but Please don’t copy their metadata to your video.


    Also read: how to earn money from link shortener sites?


    How to add relevant tags to youtube Videos?

    If you want to find the best tags for your Youtube video consider using Youtube search as shown below.


    YouTube Tags to increase Views

    As you can see in the above image that Youtube auto-complete features can help in finding the best relevant Youtube Tags for your Videos. Some of the tags may don’t match with your video Consider using only relevant tags.


    Suppose the topic of the video is How to increase youtube views for free in 2019?


    So, the Youtube tags for this video will be


    Full-sentence or title of the video

    • How to increase youtube views for free in 2019
    • increase youtube views for free in 2019


    2-3 Words phrases as a Youtube Tags

    • increase youtube views for free
    • increase youtube views


    1-2 words of the general tags

    • Increase Views
    • Youtube views


    Specific Tag of your channel

    • Your Channel name
    • Your brand name


    If you follow all the above tips for finding and adding youtube tags. So your video will get perfectly optimized for YouTube SEO.


    Optimize Your Video File Name to increase YouTube views

    You can increase the ranking possibility of your video. All you have to do is to change the video file name to the title of your YouTube Video.


    Suppose your video file name is V7383i.mp4  and Your video Topic name is How to increase YouTube Views in 2019? then you should change the video file name to the title of the video How to increase YouTube Views in 2019.mp4.


    Firstly, change the video file and then upload it after that, follow all the tips shown in this post to gain maximum views on your youtube video.


    Add Subtitles to Gain more YouTube views

    You should add subtitles in each of your youtube videos because it is helpful in both of the aspects firstly, for the SEO of our video Secondly, for your audience.


    How Adding subtitles helps in SEO of YouTube Video?

    When you are adding subtitles in your video you are providing additional information about your video to YouTube algorithm Therefore YouTube can show your video to more relevant audience So, there is a high chance of an increase in youtube views of your video.


    How Adding subtitles helps your Audience?

    If you are making a video in your mother tongue, then only people who know your mother tongue will able to understand your video and others will not understand your video Therefore you should add subtitle in each of your youtube videos. So it can target a larger audience than before.


    That’s why I add subtitles in all of my YouTube videos After that, let dive in Customization of your channel.


    Use Channel Customization


    How to customize youtube channel

    If you want your viewers should trust and keep visiting your channel. So, you have to give your best and fresh content to your visitor as soon as possible by using customization features provided by YouTube.


    By using the customization features you can also show the user the various topic which you cover on your channel. So Viewer can easily find the videos in which he is interested.


    Use Playlist to Increase YouTube views

    The playlist is the most underrated features on youtube but if used wisely can help you to gain lots of views on your youtube videos. The main motive of the playlist is to divide your whole channel into categories. So viewers can easily navigate to videos which they want to see on your channel.


    How playlists can help in increasing youtube video views?

    Suppose a Viewer is Find Reviews and unboxing video on a tech channel and if he finds a playlist for those specific videos. He starts watching the video and one after another will pop-ups because it was playing in the playlist.


    If the videos are engaging then the viewer watches all the videos in the playlist which also increase the chances he will subscribe the channel for watching more videos in the future.


    Call to action for increasing Views and Subscribers

    In this world full of distraction where each and everything wants to grab your attention. Viewers on youtube will forget to like, subscribe and share your video That’s why it is the responsibility of the youtube video creator to remind the audience to take action.


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    Call to action which You should use in Your Video

    • Like this video
    • Leave a comment if you have any problem or suggestion
    • Share this video with your friends
    • Visit my Website
    • Follow me on Social Media


    By just saying it in video or showing it graphically can increase your YouTube Views and subscribers On the other hands it can also decrease your audience interest in your video. If you overdo the call to action.


    Use the call to action smartly in your video to gain as more views as possible.


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    The main conclusion of all the information is that you should keep trying new things Therefore you can find find the best tricks or method to manage your youtube channel which works perfectly with your audience.


    All the tips shown in the above section of the post are general tips and tricks which works with all types of channel. So you can also follow them for gaining more views on your youtube videos.

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