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  • Effective Ways To Find Converting and High Ranking Keywords

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    Search engine optimisation plays an integral part in establishing a strong online presence for brands today. But SEO is only effective if you choose the right and powerful keywords. You will find many guides that ask you to either use a free or a paid keyword tool to find popular keywords. While you can improve your search volume just by using the most popular keywords, often it can also fail. Besides that, there are high chances of you missing out on keywords that may actually increase your search ranking and locate untapped niches.


    Different Types Of Keywords That You Should Focus On


    While optimising your website, you should focus on three major types of keywords, namely long-tail, head, body keywords.


    What are they?

    "Head" keywords are very common and broad keywords which help Google identify what exactly you are selling. But, achieving a rank using these keywords is difficult, let alone convert.


    "Body" keywords are ordinarily a phrase that’s a little more specific to your target audience. The competition in these keywords is still pretty tight. But since it's more targeted, it has a better chance of converting. 


    "Long-tail" keywords are even more specific to the product or services you are selling. These highly-targeted keywords have less competition and are more likely to convert.


    How Do You Find Unique Keywords That Convert?

    We have listed out four efficient strategies to find converting keywords for any industry. These strategies have been collated from every top SEO Company across the globe. The strategies focus on the user first and then the search volume, giving it a higher chance of boosting conversions, leads, and sales.


    Strategy #1 - Using Google Keyword Planner Can Help You See What People Are Searching For

    Digital marketers have been using keyword planner for years to understand consumer behaviour and exactly what they are currently searching for on Google. By checking the keyword planner for phrases or words related to your keyword, you get tons to ideas for your next long-tail keyword strategy.


    Strategy #2 - Mine Amazon, Google and Wikipedia for keyword inspiration

    Although Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start, there is one problem. The information you get from it is also the information you competitors are receiving. The only way you can get unique keywords is to target keywords your competitors aren't focusing on. You can use Amazon and Wikipedia to find these keywords


    Strategy #3 - Verify If The Keywords Is Attracting Buyers

    The main intent of using these unique keywords is to ensure they convert. Remember, we don't just want search volumes, we want the keywords to actually generate sales. Look for keywords that have moderate competition, just enough to boost traffic but not too much that your competitors outrank you. In Google keyword planner, check the "competition" column to understand where the keyword stands. Also, you can check the "suggested bid" column to see how much people are willing to pay for the keyword. The higher the bid, the higher is the chances of it converting. 


    Strategy #4 - Check The Keyword Competition On Google

    Collect a significant amount of keywords with good commercial intent and volume. Now, search for those keywords in Google. You will now get the unique and converting keywords that have the perfect combination of buyer intent and search volume.



    Here are the four essential strategies you need to keep in mind while choosing your keywords. Remember, these may be high-converting keywords but you need to place them in the right sections such as title tags, product or service description, images, URLs, etc. Also, make sure your content is engaging and informative.

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