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  • How Can Google Ads Boost Your SEO Result?

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    Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash


    About 71% of marketers say that utilizing strategic keywords is the top strategy for search engine optimization (SEO). However, of the 810 search engine results page (SERP) features Google uses, only 161 are found in 0.2% of keywords.


    These figures suggest that although keywords are essential for SEO, these words aren’t the only deciding factor to place high in the search result rankings.


    Can Google Ads improve your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking? How does Google Ads help boost your website’s click-through rate (CTR)? What about recapturing organic visitors who haven’t converted?


    This article discusses how Google Ads can help improve your website’s SEO results through keyword testing, CTR boosting, backlinks creation, and remarketing.


    How Google Ads Helps Improve Your SEO Ranking


    Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform where advertisers can bid to display ads, product listings, service offerings, or videos to online users.


    When combined with SEO, Google Ads can give your business’ website a higher potential to rank high in the search results and convert clicks to sales.


    To know how Google Ads and SEO can benefit your business, check out google display advertising companies, they offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help you succeed in your digital marketing campaign.


    The following are some ways Google Ads can help with your SEO campaign and SERP rankings:


    Keywords Research and Testing


    Your SEO campaign won’t give you much value if you don’t target the right keywords in your content. Google’s algorithms incorporate the right keywords on your website, so these words are essential for your SEO and Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.


    Google Ads has a helpful tool called Keyword Planner, which can assist you when researching keywords.


    This tool typically displays keyword volume data in ranges and, thus, is usually inaccurate. To get around this issue, consider using this tool in tandem with other online tools that provide more accurate keyword data.


    The Keyword Planner allows you to enter some keyword ideas or your website’s URL (uniform resource locator) link. The tool will automatically generate keyword suggestions.


    When filtering your target keywords, consider these principles:


    • The keywords must be relevant to your target audience.
    • Not all popular keywords are relevant to your brand, so consider choosing keywords relevant to your business.


    Organic Click-Through Rate Boost


    A website’s click-through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks your ads received divided by the impressions or how many times your ads appeared(1).


    Organic CTR is an essential ranking factor based on Google’s automated algorithm. So you can still get demoted even if your website can rank high on Google’s SERP but doesn’t have a high enough CTR.


    Your website’s meta description and title are among the essential factors determining organic or natural CTR. The Google Ads campaign is an excellent place to test and obtain data.

    Backlinks Creation


    A backlink is when a website links to another using anchor text. Backlinks are another essential ranking factor, but link building is challenging because Google considers the backlinks’ quality more critical than quantity.


    When a visitor clicks your PPC ad and goes to your site, there’s a chance that they will link or share your site on social media.


    Backlinks also work for SEO. When visitors search for keywords and see an organic result alongside an ad from the same business on the search results, the user is likely to click on the ad.

    SEO Improvement Through Remarketing


    Keywords, backlinks, and CTR can significantly affect your digital marketing campaign. However, you can still do more to target users, especially those who have visited your site but haven’t converted to sales.


    Remarketing is the process of targeting your ad campaigns toward those who have already visited your website or triggered specific actions. This method helps you recapture organic visitors who haven’t converted.


    Remarketing can also help you gather audience data, which can help you learn about your audience so you can think of strategies to convert visitors to sales.

    Contact a digital marketing expert to know more about how Google Ads and SEO can help boost your digital marketing campaign and grow your business.

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