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  • 10 Best Tips for App Store Optimization an SEO Expert Should Know

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    App Store Optimization is a necessary element to focus for any of your mobile application uploaded to Google Play Store & Apple App Store. ASO defines the basic guidelines to meet ranking fundamentals of app stores and help apps to rise on top of the search result page. That is why apps need to be fully optimized for better searchability on app stores. The basic purpose of ASO isn’t generating app-page traffic, instead the goal is to making sure that your app is discovered by relevant, loyal users who will not only visit the app page but continue to install your app and use it on a regular basis. Below are some basic services that we offer under ASO services:


    1. Customer & Competitive Analysis:


    Customer and competitive analysis is essential and you need to work hard on understanding the behavior of your customers for your app and along with that you also required to do thorough research and analysis of your competitor’s ASO strategy, so as to target any specific language, keywords, preferences, etc. to benefiting app’s discoverability.


    2. Keyword Research:


    You need to perform an extensive keyword research using 3 important tips for best SEO keywords. For this work on an in-depth keyword research using various authenticated tools including keyword planner and others and make sure that your page content and title is written for customers and should comprise of highly relevant keywords/phrases that will lead potential users to your app.


    3. App Title:


    The name of the application is displayed in the title tag, so it is very essential to create a catchy title that helps to promote branding strategy and give all necessary information about application theme to users. Apps name is the most important factor for app store search result, so the title tag should contain your primary keywords. That is why you need to choose an app name enriched with keywords.


    4. App Description:


    Keywords research is great for generating the best results out of Google and Apple’s algorithms, but those who actually read your app description and decide whether or not to install your app are humans. That’s why the optimization of your app content/description is necessary, which can be optimized by embedding your primary and relevant keywords specifically for users in a very simple language and update your app’s content on every addition within app.


    5. App Logo:


    Always make sure that your app logo/icon is well designed and visually iconic which represents your brand along with a clear message of what the app is all about. Your app logo/icon should be very clear that can easily convey the main message of what your app does.


    6. Screenshots:


    Screenshots play an important role in explaining your app, so work on enhancing the readability of your app content with the inclusion of catchy screenshots. These screenshots convey a better presentation of your descriptive text included in your app and will prompt users to actually visualise your app which in turn increases the chances of your app downloads.


    7. Video Trailers:


    Video trailer do the same magic just like screenshots, so try to work on creating interactive video trailers of your app which describe the concept of your app, characters, etc involved in your app clearly to users. Video trailers uploaded with your app gain more app downloads.


    8. App Listing Localization:


    To market your app globally, it is better to localizing your app listing for users residing in different part of the world. Localizing your app makes it easily discoverable/readable for users in different countries and will increases the chances of download as more users find your app using their native keywords.


    9. Reviews and 5 Star Rating:


    When users visit your app page, they examine previous user’s experience very carefully. On Google Play the reviews section is very visible and prominent and users generally look for reviews and ratings before downloading an app, that’s why it is needed to maintain effectiveness of reviews & ratings and entertain negative ones with genuine replies.


    10. Search Engine Promotion:


    The Applications which are at the top in the search engine result page are downloaded more often than the lower ranked. So Search engine promotion also plays a vital role in App Store optimization.


    Hope all these tips are helpful to plan app store optimization strategy. Looking for more tips and suggestions below. To share & learn more knowledge on Digital Marketing, connect me on QuoraTwitter and LinkedIn

    10 Best Tips for App Store Optimization an SEO Expert Should Know

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