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  • Complete SEO Link Building Guide for Marketing Beginners

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    What is Link Building?

    There is no any standard definition found for link building. It’s not like link building is a secret many surveys has shown that 75% of companies that are active in SEO work are spending $1,000 or more in a month for link building. With the lack of standard definition there is confusion in the SEO industry itself. 
    So, what is link building literally?


    Brian dean from says:  Link building is the most important (and challenging) SEO skill. Actually, it’s a culmination of several different skills: you need to master content creation, sales, programming, psychology, and good old-fashioned marketing if you want other people to consistently link to your site.

    Link building is not just about getting backlinks from other sites but it is also a marketing tactics used to increase your brand awareness, increase in sell and conversion. 

    So, why is link building important?

    Back-link is a building block for a good SEO. The links that directs you towards your website from any other website are known as back-link. Having higher number of back-link is a good indicator of the websites popularity, but this doesn’t mean that back-link from any sources is juicy. It is not sufficient to just have a huge number of backlinks but also the backlinks should be from relevant source and within your niche.  For e.g. DesignPac is a site providing Unlimited Graphic Design service than linking to a site about mortgage is not relevant, and the link is not taken as a quality link.   

    External backlinks from other sites acts as an influence for search engine to rank higher, this is why backlinks matter. Increase in quality backlinks helps to


    • Improve sites reputation
    • Builds relationship
    • Increase the organic  search traffic

    If you want to rank higher go with the search engine rule and the rule is,

    More Quality Backlinks = Rank Higher


    What is link building campaign?


    Link building campaign is a strategy used in order to secure external links from other relevant website over certain period of time. The main point of creating a campaign is to achieve a long lasting reputable result. The campaign should be planned very carefully.  The campaign that worked for me might not work for you as every website is different from each other so before setting the campaign you need to spend some time making research, analysis and testing and reform your campaign strategy. 

    How to structure your link building campaign?


    There are various ways to make a campaign among which some are crucial while other might not be essential. 

    Let’s see some here:

    Setting Goals:  Before making plan you should have a goal. Plans are made in order to reach the goal. Link building is also taken as an online marketing, so for link building you should always start with goals. Before starting a campaign if you know your goal it helps you to create strategy that can lead you towards success. For e.g.  If your strategy is to get 15 links and you ended up getting exactly 15 links than it is not taken as a good goal hit if it doesn’t make any success to your business.

    Finding your assets

    Assets are the resources you use for your link building work. Assets vary from business to business so at first identify your assets. Which assets you use in order to attract other and you can earn back-link from other relevant sites. Common assets are:


    • Content
    • Services
    • Your Product
    • Data


    Identify what types of links you need?

    When you make you strategy you have to be clear on what types of links are you expecting of. Identifying types of link you need start with detail analysis of your current link profile, your websites status for certain keywords. There are different types of links some are: 


    • Links to your landing page
    • Links to your product page
    • Links containing your targeted keyword
    • Links with your business name.
    • Find out your link target


    First think about what types of people will be interested on your content before contacting them. Always contact to those who will be interested on your content.
    For e.g. If your content is about Information technology then contact people who have keen interest and are in technology field not to those who are in agricultural. They might not be interested in your content and you’re likely to give up. 

    Identify your Target Audience  

    When you have an outline of your idea now it should not be that hard to find out who falls into your targeted audience. 

    Now let me help you find your targeted audience with an e.g. 

    If you’re content title is Event Organizer. You are writing this content because you own a local event organizing company.


    Who would love you go through your content?

    Event Bloggers:  Of course a right choice!!!
    Weeding bloggers:  They might like your organizing styles 
    Party organizers 
    And so on. 

    Tactics to find your link target

        Find bloggers 
    Among all Google is the best choice to find your target audience and target links 
    You can find lots of bloggers who will be interested in your content; single search on Google gives you a long list.


        Find bloggers in twitter 
    There are very useful tools in the internet which makes your work much easier. Followerwonk is one of them which let you do lots of stuff with your twitter account. You can search for “event blogger “in the search to find out if there are anyone who have mentioned “event blogger” in their bio. 


        Advanced Search Queries 
    There are many ways to make search in Google. We search using phrase word or long question in Google but there are tools and many ways to make search in Google that makes our target more precise.  For link building purpose we can filter websites that might not be useful for us. 


    Here is the example of making an advanced search queries in Google. 

    “Inurl: resources” tells Google only to search resources with eventbloger  in url .
        Prioritize target
    There are some ways to prioritize your target for outreach.
        Page rank
    Domain Authority


    Now it’s time to come into the ground and tell people about your article and contents. Approach to them first who has high-level target.
    Craft your own email to outreach 


    Though Google takes some time to rank your website there are different factors that affects a website to rank by Google algorithm. Some of them are:


    • Competitive keyword
    • The Competitiveness of your industry as a whole.
    • Strength of your domain
    • Types of links your building. 


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