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  • How Mobile Apps Are Taking Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence

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    By taking advantage of the artificial intelligence technology, top app development companies have developed several wonderful apps for different fields. Right now, there is virtually no field where top app development companies have not touched with several mind blowing apps.


    Manufacturers of home appliances are now hiring experienced app development firms to develop apps for their products. This is why virtually all appliances now come with their mobile app. Once you have its app on your phone, you can control your home appliance from anywhere as long as there is internet connection wherever you are.


    You can now control your air conditioning unit, TV set, lawn mower, and even your microwave oven anywhere. Thanks to top app development companies. Even banks now hire top app development companies too. Virtually all banks now have their apps. Through the app, you can transfer funds to other accounts, you can check your account balance, you can pay your utility bill, and you can also confirm deposit.


    With the app, you can carry out all the transactions from any location at any time of the day without going to banking hall. Most importantly, top app development companies designed the apps in such a way that you will get real-time response. In other words, the bank app makes you enjoy 24-hour services from your bank.


    On the other hand, banks also benefit from their apps. They earn money by charging their customers for each of those transactions. Secondly, since the transactions are the most frequent ones, there is a drastic reduction in the number of customers that visit banking hall now. The apps also help to retain customers. All enterprise apps have what is known as push notification with which companies reach out to their customers and users of their apps.


    Forex brokers now have apps. With these apps, traders can carry out trades on the go. Gone are the days when traders have to remain glued to their systems for hours because they are monitoring a trade. They can now do so through mobile apps. In fact, there is virtually no Forex broker that does not have an app.


    The gaming industry is the one that has seen the highest number of apps. There are millions of game apps and more are still being launched everyday. Even the existing ones get updated regularly. All these apps work on artificial intelligence. That is why they do not require human intervention before responding to your input. Although there are millions of games, the one that really showcased the beauty of artificial intelligence is Mass Effect Andromeda. It is very interesting and also offers a highly immersive gameplay, but it is very difficult to master. Here are some guides on the game that will make it more interesting and easier to clear.


    Mass Effect Andromeda Guide

    Have you played Mass Effect Andromeda before? The game is very interesting and challenging but you may not go far without getting some Mass Effect Andromeda guide. The guide is very important because you will come across several confusing situations.


    Mass Effect Andromeda guide offers a lot of information that are not seen anywhere else. Remember, information is power. Your success in the game depends on how much information you have at your disposal. Some of these pieces of information have been outlined right below. Just take the time to study them. There are a lot of useful facts that are not explained in the game.


    How to get some entry information about doors

    In this game, you will come across several closed doors. You will be tempted to open every door to see what is behind it. However, you can’t open every door. Knowing the doors you can open and the ones you can’t open will save you a lot of time and efforts.


    You need to take note of the hologram at the center of every door. If it is red, it means the door is locked, just move on. Don’t waste your time trying to open it. But if its hologram is orange and blue and it is also spinning, it means the room behind the door is still loading. Wait until the spinning stops. You can open it after that.


    Ignore side missions first

    As you advance in the game, you will be faced with a lot of side missions. While some of them can be accomplished in just 5 minutes or less, others may take up to an hour. These missions are deliberately thrown at you to slow down your progress.


    You need to face the main missions on a planet first. As a beginner, if you focus on side missions, you may not go far. This does not mean side missions are entirely useless. They have their advantages too.


    By accomplishing side missions, you can earn XP and AVP points. You can unlock things like monetary gifts and other useful resources with your AVP points. You will definitely need some side missions for levels and team-building. The catch here is to know the side missions to go for. It is not advisable to just run into every side mission that comes your way.


    It is possible to redo your skills

    Although some players are already aware of this fact, most players are not. This is because it is not explained anywhere in the game. With some points or money, you can clear out your skills totally and then do it all over again.


    Get the most required skill for your soldier at a particular time and when you don’t need the skill anymore, you can clear it out and replace it with a more useful skill. As you advance in the game you will need different skills.


    You can sell some of your salvages

    Sometimes, you may not be able to afford some of the weapons you need. You can convert all the dead bodies of fallen enemies to cash. You can also convert some of the items you picked from containers for cash too.


    This has been made easy by the game developers. You only need to press a particular button and all your salvages will be sold for cash. So you will have more money to purchase your desired weapon.


    In conclusion, Mass Effect Andromeda guide is infinite. The ones outlined above are just a few of them. You need to keep searching for guides to enhance your success since the game has a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered.


    About Author:

    Kenneth Evans is an experienced content strategist working with one of the top app development companies. He is an avid learner and music lover.


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