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  • How Android App Development Companies are Vital to Business Growth

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    With the world becoming more and more digitalised with each passing day and mobiles being used at an ever-increasing rate to access the internet, every customer wants to connect with your business online through mobile apps. Thus, mobile apps are transforming the world at an unprecedented rate. Mobile apps are engaging users with easier, refined, and time-saving solutions to meet their daily needs.

    Android has become the preferred platform for business apps

    Android devices constitute about 75% gadget used by people around the world. This clearly indicates the popularity of Android amongst users and businesses need to consider this while developing their mobile apps. Android smartphones and mobile devices are preferred by users, thus making it the preferred choice for business owners who want to be successful.


    An Android app has become a must for well-established brands and newly formed start-ups alike. With the release of Android P developer preview, the scope of Android apps has further increased and increased their demand further. People are now deploying the advanced tricks of mobility to their day-to-day lives, and this adoption rate is expected to increase with time. So, this is the perfect time to hire an Android app development company and build an Android app solution that adds value to your customers.


    Android app Development Company helps your business stand out


    Android app development company can amalgamate the much-needed mobile app development skills with business growth and generate new business opportunities that eventually help you outperform on the global stage. An Android app development company can help you devise and deploy a strategic plan to achieve intended results. Some major reasons for this are:


    Provides ubiquitous visibility on mobile


    On an average, a person spends more than two hours every day on their smartphone. So, developing an Android app will allow your business app to be visible to the users 24x7 from anywhere. This makes you visible to the users anytime or anywhere they want to, using their all-time handy mobiles. Not only does it increase your visibility or accessibility but also your chances to make money.


    Acts as a direct marketing medium


    You can indulge in direct, customised, or personalised marketing using app features like push notification. This has been proven to perform better than email and text marketing. The directness and personal touch offered by these push notifications based on their past behaviour, interests, and tastes make the promotional campaigns designed for them outperform emails and text messages. Moreover, analytics and real-time data obtained using business intelligence can be used as a powerful sales tool for increasing productivity and compelling existing or prospective customers.


    Enables strong analytics


    Using the data available on these mobile apps, business intelligence can be applied to interpret and analyse data to transform it into well-structured information. This process may involve data mining, prescriptive analysis, statistical analysis, business process modelling, risk analysis, etc. using business intelligence software solutions and implement them to create projections that are needed for further developments in the business.


    Adds value to your customers


    Businesses offer loyalty programs in the form of membership cards or referral schemes for pleasing their loyal customers. These loyalty schemes can be digitalised using mobile apps for rewarding and using the referral system big time. Customers can easily and quickly redeem the benefits and personalised schemes, and offers can be made available for downloading the app.


    Enhances customer engagement


    The intuitive interface of the mobile apps helps in engaging the audience and customers more effectively than ever as it acts as an efficient tool to engage users. For this, all the necessary features need to be loaded. This can be done by running short quizzes or quick competitions, offering rewards in return, and tempting your audience to download and participate actively in the same.


    Provides customer support


    A mobile app allows you to the advantage and flexibility of responding to the queries and concerns of your customers anytime and from anywhere, thereby giving a positive outlook to them towards your business. This can certainly play in favour of your business as customers are on-the-move with their solved queries and make them opt and refer to your services.


    Improves interactivity


    Android mobile apps improve not only customer and brand interaction but also the interaction amongst employees and with the stakeholders. Apps use business intelligence to visualise and manipulate data accessed from anywhere. This provides the employees with the freedom to work from anywhere, without any location or time constraints. If a new marketing idea pops up in the mind of a person, he/she can simply use the app to access important updated data and make use of the application to arrange the data in various formats such as graphs, charts, and other visualizations, to conclude and choose the best one to start the campaign. This helps in the growth of the business by making it soar higher.


    Efficient budget


    App development may seem to be expensive, but it has proven to be cost-effective in the long-run by enhancing business productivity.


    Faster decision-making and automation of services


    Data analytics has facilitated decision-making and automation of services in the mobile apps. Though the business data may be large, consisting of customer databases, personal data, client purchase history, marketing and sales activities, manufacturing and supply chain data, partners, products, prices and much more, apps can convert these vital assets into a single framework for further detailed analysis and facilitate a smooth process of decision making.


    Wrapping up


    With smartphones becoming the norm, and a majority of them being powered by Android, creating an Android app not only helps a business to serve their customers in a better way but also broaden the doors for revenue generation. Thus, hiring an experienced, efficient, and skilful Android app development company is essential for the growth of any business. 

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