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Android Video Tutorials For Beginners to Learn Mobile App Development
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  • Android Fragments Video Tutorial

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    Fragment are the android component that are meant to make the UI more flexible and dynamic screens.

    In this Android Video tutorial we will learn :-

    What are fragments

    1) Component that is used to implement the complex UI in a simpler manner.


    Fragments lifecycle

    like activity, fragments also posses a lifecycle


    Areas where we can use fragments.

    1) Where there is a need to show multipane UI.
    2) The part which is use in many across the application.


    How to add fragments in the activity 

    1) During runtime
    2) staticaly via xml


    How to pass on the values to fragments

    1) send data using "setArguments(args)"  // args is the bundle that hod the data
    2) get data in receipent fragment via "getArguments()"

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