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  • 7 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

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    2019 is coming to a close. That means it’s time to think about updating your website, so it stands out from the crowd in 2020. Web design trends for the coming year include minimalism, organic features, and fun micro animations. Of course, user-friendliness is always the top priority and things like responsive (mobile friendly) design and quick load speed will always be on-trend. 


    Here are seven modern web design trends to watch out for in 2020.


    Bold Colors and Simplicity


    Standing out from the sea of online competition is the top goal of any site design, and one way to do it is to use bright, bold colors. Deep, brilliant colors grab attention and captivate visitors, which is something every brand can use.


    Bright, bold colors are also out of the norm since softer shades and shadows have been more popular recently. Brands who latch on to this trend will highlight their eclectic personality, daring, and forward-thinking. Not only that, but many devices are now equipped with screens that use In-Plane Switching technology, which makes bold colors pop out splendidly.


    Simplicity is also one of the top web design trends for the coming year. Simple design + bold, bright colors equal high impact and sophistication that consumers love.



    Bold Typography


    In keeping with the bold trend for 2020, bold typography and oversized lettering is gaining ground as more designers strive to keep their web designs as simple as possible. Softway Marketing comes in ahead of the curve by incorporating big, bold type and gorgeous, bright colors to grab attention on their site and their clients’.


    Huge lettering has some pretty significant benefits. First, it draws attention to business objectives and brand names when you use it at the top of the page. Visitors are likely to remember messages written in bold typography, and they’ll be more likely to come back to your site again.


    Micro Animation


    You’ve probably already figured out that micro animations are small animations, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have an impact! They’re great for adding a touch of playfulness to your design. They can also be used to help guide visitors through their actions on your site.


    We’ve seen micro animations gain popularity over the last few years, but in 2020 the trend is to use them organically. In other words, think about how your object would move if it were on a wheel or curve, instead of on a level plane.


    If you have an eCommerce site, you’ll want to incorporate micro animations in a way that enhances user experience and makes your product more real to shoppers. For example, if you sell clothing, animate the model to show how the clothes move and fit on a live person.


    One of the great things about these micro animated graphics is they load super-fast, especially compared to video. It’s a great way to tell your story without slowing download times.


    Organic Shapes


    Geometric shapes were all the rage in 2019, but we’re definitely seeing a shift toward organic shapes as we move into 2020. Fluid, organic shapes are anything that doesn’t flow in a straight line. Picture shapes that occur naturally, such as mountains or the bank of a river that wind and flow asymmetrically.


    Fluid shapes are lovely for breaking up sections of a page, instead of angles and harsh lines. You can also use them in the background behind your images. For a stunning example, look at how Android incorporates this design trend on its homepage.


    Hand Drawings


    Website owners are getting smarter, and they know that their website is more than just an online address. Hand-drawn elements are becoming super trendy because they’re unique and give the page character.


    But, don’t hand drawing conflict with the sophistication and simplicity that’s going to be so popular? Maybe. But they’re also human and charming. They’ll enchant and engage your visitors, showing your personality and originality. 


    It’s a smart way to differentiate yourself from billions of other websites doing their best to stand out in the crowd.  





    While it’s true that minimalism (or white space) isn’t anything new in web design, we’re expecting to see it change a bit for 2019. The coming trend is colorful minimalism. 


    We’re talking bold background colors paired with minimal design elements and clean text, creating a page that grabs the eye but isn’t too loud. Gone are the days of stark, boring minimalism!


    Color Psychology


    It seems color is going to be the big thing for 2020! Not only will bold colors be on-trend, but also using color intentionally to evoke a certain mood. Color psychology has been used by marketers for centuries for its impact on human emotions.


    While it’s true that everyone interprets color a little differently, specific colors will always be associated with certain feelings. For example, green is generally connected with nature, so it’s a good choice for websites selling natural products. Red is a power color that symbolizes passion and energy.


    To Sum It Up


    The overall trend in web design for 2020 is eye-catching and bold, but also clean and simple. Don’t forget to incorporate animation and custom graphics to improve the user experience. Responsive design and quick load times are becoming more critical than ever, so make them your top priority in any website design.

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