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  • 7 Tools for Getting Started on Mobile App Development

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    Can you imagine yourself living in the previous century? We bet you can't, as our world is full of useful devices that make life easier and more comfortable. One of them is a smartphone that we regularly use for communication, education, leisure, etc.



    But what makes your smartphone even better? The answer is simple: applications. You have apps for communication, apps to run your business, apps various facilities, education, etc.


    Nowadays, every company tries to create a special app to represent and provide their services. For instance, a bank's app has many benefits: it gives a direct and instant access to the account that allows managing of the finances and transaction operations. It is a great opportunity to draw attention of new clients/customers to your services, thus you will have to contact a mobile app development company if you do not know how to program applications.


    Let's go back to software developers ready to study mobile app development themselves. Specially designed online platforms are in free access for you to bring to life all the creative ideas. It is possible to work on personal project and constantly learn new things by using these services.


    Here's a list of most popular mobile app development tools for beginners to gain new experience as well as professionals who want to master their skills.


    Mobile App Development Tools: High-Quality Online Services

    Do you want to work with native programs or cross-platform ones? It means that mobile app development software divides in the following way: some apps will work only with iOS or Android, while other will suit a number of operating systems.


    7 Tools for Mobile App Development

    Hybrid mobile app development tools are taking over native software, as these means give you a chance to reach out for a wider audience. What is more, working with tools of this kind is much interesting for developers as they can try to combine the best features of different operating systems into one great app and turn it into a masterpiece.


    You will find RhoMobile useful as you can install Rho Connects and an access offline data. Apart from this, every developer can develop an app, debug a program and provide some essential tests using this single service. Now, there's no need in multiple-platform usage as you can work on a single one.


    It is a perfect omnichannel framework to develop and implement apps in financial services, healthcare, etc. using JavaScript. The service provides excellent Android mobile app development tools, but you can add other features to your app, so it can integrate with other native OS.


    1. We'll start with PhoneGap. This mobile app development framework enables you to program in different languages, including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. PhoneGap is Cordova distributor, so be sure to have everything you need in one place. Thanks to PhoneGap Build you get a great number of canned apps that can be implemented into your application and maintained by certain native SDKs, as iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows. The source is widely popular among the developers, as they get professional support and excellent mobile app tools features.
    2. MonoCross mobile app development tools open source service operates on Microsoft.NET, the Mono framework, and C#. The platform helps to create applications for different operating systems, so your product can connect with native APIs, but still using C3 to code. At first, beginners can find it to be complicated and hard to work with, as the number of instructional resources is limited. However, once you know all the details, it won't take much time to create an app. On the other hand, experienced developers can easily try MonoCross to build highly interactive mobile applications.
    3. Visit RhoMobile to build applications of any kind, including native mobile and data-centric apps, as well as cross-platform and enterprise ones. It means that your application can suit iOS and Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone, and Windows CE, etc. The framework bases on Ruby and provides mobile app development tutorial for everyone who wants to work on this platform. The apps can be coded in the following languages:
      • HTML5;
      • CSS3;
      • JavaScript.
    4. Appcelerator is a hub of cross-platform tools for development of native apps. It is perfect for Android mobile app development, as you can code in JavaScript. Also, you can design applications for iOS and Windows using all the right APIs to support native features of the operating systems. The platform gives you a chance to create an application in a fast, but proficient way. Appcelerator offers its clients to test and analyze the performance of the tool, to debug it and fix all the crashes.
    5. Xamarin is based on C# that helps developers to create native apps for various platforms available. For instance, native iOS mobile app development requires the knowledge of Swift. Xamarin has developed open source Microsoft.NET that helps software engineers to create native apps for different devices using C#. The website has it all for you to build and design high-quality mobile applications. If you're a beginner, just check their tutorials and get started. Every developer enjoys mobile app development process on Xamarin, as the platform helps to save time in terms of tools, team, re-utilizing abilities, etc.
    6. If your idea is connected with apps for enterprises, then Kony Mobile Platform is the best choice. The mobile app development services are suitable for rather experienced developers, as there is a limited number of tutorials and documentation. But you can find a great deal of pre-built apps and samples that are offered to educate developers.
    7. Recently Sencha Touch has merged with Ext JS, a pure JavaScript framework that provides mobile app development tools for iOS and Android, as well as BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Thus, it makes it a perfect space for cross-platform mobile app development. What is more, it also integrates with PhoneGap native API. Sencha Ext JS is perfect to develop apps for every platform and make them suitable for analytics and data visualization.


    The website offers a good library of resources to study, including webinars, videos, examples, docs, etc. So, if you are interested in this service, then you have everything to learn how to use it and how to create native-looking applications for various platforms.



    Every service has its pros and cons, but you can choose the one that suits you best and develop an excellent application with available tools. If your aim is to produce an app once, but make it possible to use it on different platforms, then you have a wide scope of online platforms to explore.


    These are 7 cross-platform mobile development tools that help software developers to build up-to-date applications and successfully present them to a wide audience of users. Nowadays, you have no limits and don't have to work only with one type of native platform thanks to companies like Xamarin, RhoMobile, PhoneGap, etc. It saves a lot of time and money, so make a use of these tools and present excellent products on the market.

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