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  • 2019 Top Trends That Will Affect Mobile App Development

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    With 2019’s first quarter down, let’s take a look at the latest mobile app development trends that keep rolling out each year and are definitely affluent to businesses.


    Internet of Things (IoT)

    IOT always tops the list of mobile app development trends. A Forrester Research forecast anticipates by 2022, 50% of US households (approximately 66.3 million people) will be in possession one smart speaker at the least.


    Use of IoT devices which are voice-operated is exponentially accelerating. With stats in view, mobile apps will have to prioritize compatibility with devices such as smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. Mostly, such IoT devices require integration with other third-party devices and services. With such rapid growth of IoT device usage, so will the need grow for mobile apps to control them.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and bots

    Have you ever come in contact with an in-app chat? If you have you are fully aware of chat bots, your intellectually-abled virtual assistants are powered by AI. to deliver a personalised user experience, apps are bent on learning more about their users’ and their preferences by using AI and chatbots. We already welcomed Siri, Prisma and Google Now in the previous years and so shall we expect new innovative AI-powered apps to be developed in 2019.


    Instant Apps

    Instant apps are usually Native Android apps that do not require the user to install them. As a user, you can run them instantly by using a cloud-based version of the app. These apps allow developers to not build separate and new app versions, as they are capable of operating with the same source code and Android APIs. With instant apps leveraging such benefits, expect them to be the talk of the mobile app development world throughout 2019 and the years to come.


    The Cloud

    With Google launching its Arcade gaming, by the name of Google Stadia, on cloud, there is a raging emphasis on developing cloud-based apps. There is need for your development strategy to integrate cloud technology. Since cloud technology concurs to various benefits such a reduced hosting, streamlined operations and equipment costs, implementation of cloud technologies is proving to be pivotal for your app to function across multiple platforms.

    2019 Top Trends That Will Affect Mobile App Development

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