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  • 10 Things to Ponder Upon While Designing a Product for Developers

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    Designing is having plans to get something in a way that is not honest or fair, says Merriam Webster and developer is a person or company that creates or builds new software or product. So, designing a product for developers is a kind of supplementation to the work of a developer.


    Sometimes there is a discussion on designers and developers. It is argued that designers are those who make their visual decisions on actual data and analytics, they analyze the complex user flows and sometimes codes also, methodically whereas the developers, on the other hand, think creatively and come up with different solutions required for the users by experimentation. This working relationship is not very clear at times but then their goal remains one and the same, i.e., to build a product that serves user’s needs.


    product design


    1. Know your user: 

    In this context, the person should know the specific state of mind of the user. The designs made by the designers assure the user that all their questions or problems get an easy and quick solution. It is the duty of the designers to think and feel like a user to know his needs and necessities. 


    2. Restricting to the convention of the developer:

    Designers need to keep on mind the developer’s familiar conventions which are used by the developer in his developments. The developer hardly agrees to change his way of working, for example, the fonts, color themes, hierarchy used by him are fixed and this makes the designer limit his creative freedom.


    3. Seeking help:

    The designers mostly are unaware of the technicality and terminology related to the developing product. They should not hesitate from asking help from the developers or any intellectual. The developer can ask for help from the user while testing the product. The user should be told that the product is just for validation and any change can be made in it according to the need and requirements of the user.


    4. Simple Design:

    Simple design makes a big impact. Even little or small things can influence a user’s mind in a big way. Even a small blinking advertisement in the corner of the page might have a greater impact on the user’s mind rather than the main content of the page. 


    5. Appeal:

    The most important part of the design process, which is the first thing to be noticed by the developer and the user is the aesthetics of the product. It becomes one of the major deciding factors for purchasing the product. It is very important to stay up to date with the trending designs in the industry. With this, the user’s perspective should also be kept in mind.


    6. Ergonomics:

    Ergonomics is a point which can make a user overlook the aesthetics of the product. The product should be comfortable and intuitive to use. A customer or user prefers a comfortable and easy to use product which might not be perfect to look at rather than a perfect looking product which is a blunder to work with.


    7. Apparatus:

    One of the most important consideration is the material used in the product designing and developing. It is necessary to analyze the product use or to extend the life and expectancy of survival of the product. The user pays attention to the material of everything, from the shell to the core of the product. 


    8. Manufacturer:

    Despite being in the 21st century we do not have machines to manufacture specific designs. Casting products are difficult to manufacture to date. Often the product needs to be split and manufactured and then assembled. These things should be kept in mind before designing the product.


    9. Sustainability:

    The designer should keep in mind that the materials and components are chosen should be easily available and in good supply. Some component used while designing may not be readily available in the market or may be banned due to its health hazards or any other reason. So, the designer should take care of the components used.


    10. Protection:

    The designer should also see for the necessary protection from the environment and the usage to maintain the prolonged use. Products used are Ingress Protection rated which prevent them from being destroyed by water and dust. The parts used should be corrosion free to increase the shelf life of the product.


    Designing a new product is make or break factor of success. This is the main component which makes people happy and as the designer is also a human being, so when he sees his user happy, he also feels proud and joyful. So, while designing a product for a developer the major thing to be kept in mind is the satisfaction of the user while keeping all these ten points mentioned in the article.


    About the Author: This post is written by Ankit Patel, A project analyst at XongoLab Technologies, A topnotch uber clone app development services provider. He is also managing the company as well client's content writing department, where He writes about the new & upcoming technologies as well as some useful IT related topics like apps, web, design & IT business.

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