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How to upload files to Bitbucket in Ubuntu 14.04?

Hello friends, welcome to findnerd. Today I am going to tell you how to create repository and upload files to Bitbucket using command line in Ubuntu 14.04. Before creating repository to Bitbucket, you need to have an account first.  Getti...

How to change the default svn username and password to commit the changes?

Sometimes your SVN is configured with your own svn-account, but some changes in your code are to be commited from some other person's svn account. This commit could either be a one time operation or permanently the svn account might need t...

How to fork from Github to Bitbucket?

I was working on a project that was hosted on Github. My project was hosted on Bitbucket. Both of them uses git. Now I have to create a fork of project in my Bitbucket repository. In order to be able to get updates and without downloading and rep...

How to install and setup SVN on Ubuntu 14.04 ?

Before installing SVN let us know what is SVN first. SVN (Subversion) is an opensource version control system. Subversion is used to store previous changes of your project like coding, documents, files. It is used to identify and track the change...

Github: How to add files to git repository via command line

This blog will help you to understand how to add files to your git repository: Step 1: Move the files into local directory which you want to upload to Github that was created when you cloned the repository. Step 2: Open and change the curre...

Github: How to install and setup Github on Ubuntu 14.04

Install Github First update the apt-get package lists with this command apt-get update then install git. $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install git Now git has been installed on Ubuntu, lets setup git. How to set up Git No...

Merge code: Branch to Trunk on SVN

Hello all, If you want to Merge code: Branch to Trunk on SVN or you can say it in other way "SVN Merge - Branch to Trunk", for this you have to follow 3 simple steps as given below- Do the following step to Merge code: Branch to Trunk on SV...

Update/Syncing the fork with master

Here is a good link to sync the fork with master NOTE :This link will not update your repository on GitHub. To update the repository you need to run git push origin
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