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SQL wildcards

It is used with the like operator to compare the values of the type similar. It support two wildcards type 1. The percent sign (%)- It match to one or more character. 2. The underscore (_)- It match to one character.   The per...

SQL wildcards

SQL wildcards are used within a table to search for data.  Usage of wildcard characters in SQL call for SQL LIKE operator, which enables to hold a comparison between a value and similar values. Following are the two types of wildcard oper...

SQL Tutorial -> Sql Wildcards

<-- Chapter 22: SQL Select Top Chapter 23 SQL Wildcards SQL Wildcard characters are used to substitute any characters in a string. As we have discussed LIKE operator in chapter 10. SQL supports two wildcard operators with LIKE opera...

SQL Wildcards

This wildcards is used when we want to match a string pattern . And this can be do with the help of wildcards only . In SQL there are two types of wildcards : % : Percentage sign which represent 0 , 1 or more characters . _ : Underscore whi...
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