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How to make a view blur in iOS

If you want to make any UIView blur just like 'Notification' bar screen then here is a simple code to make it happen. This method will return a blur view and you can add that to your view as a sub view. -(UIVisualEffectView*)creat...

How to take screen shot of an iOS device

If you want to capture screen of an iOS device as you take the same from iPhone by pressing 'Power' button an 'Home' button then here is the code. It will take screen shot even if there is any transformation or transition running....

How to create Triangular imageview in objective C

Here is the code for creating the triangular uiimageview - UIBezierPath *bzrPath = [UIBezierPath new]; [bzrPath moveToPoint:(CGPoint){0, self.imgView.frame.size.height}]; [bzrPath addLineToPoint:(CGPoint){80, 0}]; [bzrPath...

How to get time intervals in hours between start time and end time in objective C

If we want to get the time intervals between the start time and end time then use the following code- it will return the array of hours according to the start time and end time. + (NSMutableArray *)getTimeIntervals:(NSString *)startTime a...

Crop Image in iOS

To crop image in iOS use the following method. it will crop the image from the visible frame of the imageView. -(UIImage *)imageFromImageView:(UIImageView *)imageView rectFrame:(CGRect)frame{ UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(frame....
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