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  • How to get time intervals in hours between start time and end time in objective C

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    If we want to get the time intervals between the start time and end time then use the following code-

    it will return the array of hours according to the start time and end time.

    + (NSMutableArray *)getTimeIntervals:(NSString *)startTime andEndTime:(NSString *)endTime {
        NSMutableArray *hoursArray=[[NSMutableArray alloc]init];
        NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter1=[[NSDateFormatter alloc]init];
        [dateFormatter1 setDateFormat:@"hh:mm a"];
        NSDate *startString = [dateFormatter1 dateFromString:startTime];
        NSDate *endString = [dateFormatter1 dateFromString:endTime];
        NSTimeInterval interval = [endString timeIntervalSinceDate:startString];
        NSInteger t1=(NSInteger)interval;
        NSInteger hours=t1/3600;
        for (int i=0;i<=hours; i++)
            NSString *meridian;
            NSDate *plusOneHour ;
               plusOneHour = [startString dateByAddingTimeInterval:60.0f * 60.0f];
            NSCalendar *calendar = [NSCalendar currentCalendar];
            NSDateComponents *components = [calendar components:(NSCalendarUnitHour | NSCalendarUnitMinute) fromDate:plusOneHour];
            NSInteger hour = [components hour];
            NSString *string = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%ld %@", (long)hour,meridian];
            [hoursArray addObject:string];
            return hoursArray;


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