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  • Why to Incorporate Work-From-Home Software In Your Virtual Business Strategy

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    Working remotely has become a lot easier in the last few years. Traditional jobs miraculously become work-from-home practically overnight. Through much trial and error and frustrations, incredible software and platforms have been developed. 


    Now, two years later, many jobs have remained virtual. The virtual business owner and staff have computers or laptops, high-speed internet, a few business-related accessories, and mobile phones full of apps meant to make remote work easier. 


    The next step is clear - business owners need to hire software developers to take their company to the next level. 


    What Software Is Needed?


    Whether one operates a sole-proprietorship or a large company, incorporating work-from-home software effectively and efficiently is a must.


    Communication and Engagement Software


    Beyond email and text messages, staff will need ways to stay in contact. G-Suites, Stack, and Microsoft Teams are useful options to manage projects, text and video communications, collaborations, and cloud-based storage, to name a few. These practically all-in-one platforms are excellent and affordable options.


    For virtual conferencing, software like Zoom and Google Meet will allow teams and clients to meet and share screens. Free and fee options based on time used and participant numbers are available. With virtual conferencing, productivity increases when colleagues and customers feel connected. 


    Accountability and Productivity Tools


    Tracking time at work and task progress is a must, especially for hourly employees. And PTO still needs to be scheduled. While sharing calendars can be done with your chosen email platform, they are not all that great at meeting payroll filing demands. Bamboo and Rippling are cloud-based human resource platforms that can help with payroll, policy, reports, send announcements, and other important tasks to keep staff happy and informed. 


    Capterra created a features comparison table of the 10 most popular back office software. Marketing and public relations also need to be handled. Grasshopper highlights more options organized into twelve different categories.


    What if The Software Needed Hasn’t Been Developed Yet?


    During the search for the right fit, the business owner may discover that mass-marketed software options are limited in terms of what is needed to run the home-based virtual business smoothly. Contracting a software developer may make a lot of sense, and can fit into most budgets.


    What Are Your Software Needs?


    Before hiring a software developer, it would be an excellent idea to check out several options to list the pros and cons of each. This way, the project created with a software developer will have a majority of the components wanted without features and functions that just get in the way. 


    Types of Software Developers


    In order to hire the right type of developer, owners need to know - what do software developers do? There are several different types of software developers. A challenging part of the process is knowing who to look for. Upwork has a fantastic job description list to help the owner or project manager decide what skills are needed and who to hire. 


    Where To Find Software Developers


    Software developers can be found just like any other employee or freelancer. Talent platforms, freelance clearinghouses, and hiring sites will resume or profile potential candidates who can tackle the project. Word of mouth is another way to find talent. 


    How To Choose a Software Developer


    Just as one would interview a candidate for any other position, the owner should interview software developers to find the right fit. They should have a portfolio to showcase work. 




    Several excellent software products are available to successfully incorporate into a profitable virtual work-from-home business. Just a click away, software developers can help create software that is designed specifically for niche virtual businesses at affordable rates. 

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