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  • Magento: Why Should We Prefer For Developing eCommerce Websites?

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    Ecommerce has become important for all business categories. Every online business owner is looking for a sophisticated e-commerce solution that offers flexibility, and extensibility at fingertips.


    If every business dreams for developing an ecommerce website with all the features and a mobile friendly theme that engages customers 24/7 then Magento is the right place for developing their e-commerce website. There are a number of open source web platforms out here for making developing best websites, but magento provides all the features the website needs.


    There are number platform that among which Magneto is one of the most popular ecommerce platform in the digital marketplace. Magento is one of the most friendly ecommerce platform available in this business market. This ecommerce platform is having rich features and it offers users a flexibility to manage data, display and functionality of the ecommerce store. Magento will provide the ultimate ecommerce solution with a powerful blend of high design and a support network.


    Magento Versions:


    • Magento Community Edition
    • Magento Enterprise Edition
    • Magento Go


    Features of Magento platform


    Open Source:

    Magento is an ecommerce platform which is totally customizable with best quality and has high security, cost & innovation. Reason why many website developers use Magento is, they can change elements function and they can change any website design at any time. This is not possible in hosted ecommerce solutions because they do not allow such access. Developers can create add-ons and plug-ins to expand the capability & limitless.


    Theme Based Structure

    Magento is one of the best platform which separates layouts and templates from one another and it is more convenient for a website developer. Once a website developer becomes familiar with Magento platform it is much easy in creating more than one online store at a time. When Compared to theme-less platforms magento is the best step for using this platform than others.


    Unlimited Features

    Magento platform includes the features like image zooming capability, advanced pricing rule to special promotion, inventory management, side-by-side product comparison tools, and much more. Features such as Product Comparison, Reviews & Ratings & allow customers to find the product right for them. Magento also comes with great filter tools, the ability to create custom landing pages for products, and more.


    Check Out Process and Security

    The checkout process is the most common problem in many ecommerce platforms. Magento platform does the best job and modules to enhance the experience and big vendors like Nike and Toms Shoes, Yeskart are using Magento as the right ecommerce platform for them. Magento offers exceptional tools and flexibility, security, total tax and shipping flexibility, wish list tools, reorder tools, and much more. Magento offers all the secure payment methods in its platform.


    In conclusion, as ecommerce specialists guide the clients to use magento as the e-commerce business platform. Using the Magento platform is one of the best solutions to create a website store and to get successful in a short time.


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    Magento: Why Should We Prefer For Developing eCommerce Websites?

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  • Yes that's true. I have even read somewhere that "Magento businesses sell more at a lower TCO than merchants on competitive commerce platforms."

    Undoubtedly, it is the best ecosystem any eCommerce website can avail. It is versatile, flexible & offers customized and tested extensions.

    Nice Article!



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