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  • Upgrade your webshop with frontend server

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    Shopping via the internet is becoming more and more popular. Combined with the great development of
    smartphones, the use of mobile phones has increased significantly. Today it is so easy to sit down with
    any device to visit the internet.

    It is not uncommon for mobile phone users to carry their smartphones with them more or less everywhere
    during the day. It is small and easy to take with you, and as a variety of uses have been added to it, it is
    becoming increasingly indispensable. Both during working hours and during leisure time. With increasingly advanced technology on their smartphones, such as bigger screens and better graphics, it is also becoming more convenient to order products and services via their mobile phone whether for personal or business use. 

    Thus, businesses with any type of online sales need to ensure that their front end is of good quality. Most
    customers want a quick response, both in terms of information and the range of products available. A
    front end that is not locked into a package, but can be tailored to unique needs, provides a better
    customer experience.

    What is meant by frontend?

    The frontend is the page where customers search for specific products or services, which can be
    compared to different shop windows. When customers visit your website, they may start by so-called
    window shopping. Comparing different products with each other or wanting to look at the range of
    products available first. They want to get clear information, and preferably with pictures, quickly and
    easily. Often you only have a few seconds before the customer gets bored.

    With a well-equipped shop window, it is possible to capture the curiosity of many customers, so they
    move on into the shop to look at the rest of the range. Of course, it's important that the rest of the store
    also provides a good customer experience. But it might be a good idea to start by upgrading the shop
    window, to increase the chances of attracting more customers.

    Developments are moving at a rapid pace, and upgrades are needed at regular intervals to provide
    customers with a good experience. Frontend-as-a-Service can be tailored to best suit your customers and
    your offering. To find out what features might be needed, it might be a good idea to start by thinking from
    the customer's point of view.

    What should your shop window look like?

    What do you want to convey to customers through your shop window, and what are the current
    shortcomings? These answers depend, among other things, on the design of your webshop and the
    services you offer your customers. 

    For example, is click and collect relevant? This means that consumers themselves do the work of
    searching for the correct product and then placing it in the shopping trolley. Instead of the goods in the
    shopping trolley being sent off in a parcel to the customer, they come to pick up their goods themselves.
    Click and collect is quite popular as it saves the customer the time it takes to go into a shop to find the
    item(s) they want and then queue to pay. It's quick and easy to do via the internet. After the payment is
    completed, the customer can arrive at the collection point at the designated times. 

    Be inspired by others

    Although competitors are not always fun, they can be useful at times. Test how you feel about their site
    and compare it to your own. Feel free to let an outsider act as a customer and consider their feedback.
    What is good and what is not so good? What can you do to respond to customers with a higher level of
    customer experience? 

    The digital world is growing, as it is often much faster and more convenient to deal with various issues
    online. But then, online stores also need to keep up with this development. A good investment can be to
    hire an expert in the field and discuss different solutions with this person. No matter how fun you think, it


    Be inspired by watching a demo that shows what it might look like. When you see examples of the end
    result, it's usually easier to understand how much of a difference it makes. And that's the side that
    customers see. In other words, frontend as a service.

    On Vuestorefront, you can access various demos, including by clicking on the logos of different e-
    commerce stores. There you can see different examples of how a storefront can be built and think about
    what might be most relevant for your e-store. Take your time and compare different demos and products
    with each other.

    If possible, enlist the help of an outsider who can act as a customer and provide factual feedback. With
    the aim of making things better for customers, not just for that person or for the e-shop. The more
    satisfied your customers are, the greater the chance of customer growth. This, of course, also increases
    profits for the company.

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