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  • What Is Requirement Engineering?

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    The methodology to collect the all requirements related the software, from the client then study all the requirements and at last documented or recorded to all these, this whole process is known as the requirement engineering.

    The main aim of the requirement engineering is to originate and sustain to refined the detailed SRS document. SRS is stand for ‘System Requirement Specification’.


    Different Methods For The Requirement Engineering:-  Normally requirement engineering contains four main actions. These actions are as below -

    • Feasibility Study

    • Requirement Gathering

    • Software Requirement Validation

    • Software Requirement Specification


    Feasibility Study:- The feasibility study is important phase in any SDLC technique. Feasibility study is an evaluation of the benefit of the planned application. The main objective of the feasibility study is to make an approximate idea for the required cost in development and executing of the application, how much time will be taken by the team in all phases while team developed the application. That’s why feasibility study phase is very important for all organization when they build any new software or application.


    Requirement Gathering:- Requirement gathering is the next phase of any requirement engineering. This phase starts after the completion of feasibility study phase. This phase will be start only when feasibility report will be positive against the enterprise project or application. In this phase we collect the all requirements from users. Under this phase business analyst and developers convey with the consumer and also the users who will use this system should know their concepts that which characteristics will be covered by the software.


    Software Requirement Validation:- This phase come before the software requirement specification phase. In this phase all the requirements are validated. These software requirement  validation are verified towards the following circumstances-

    • When these complete or perfect.
    • When these can be established.
    • When these are genuine and also working as per the behaviour or functionality of the system.
    • When these are almost applied.


    Software Requirement Specification:- Normally system requirements specification is a very important report which is prepared by the system analyst. System analyst will prepare this document when all the requirements or information is gathered from the all clients.

    In the SRS all types of requirements are mentioned, these requirements like quality, behaviour, performance and security of system etc. There is a main role of system analyst that all the demands or requirements which were accepted from the customer are written in high level language, so now system analyst should have to change these into technical language. Which will be easy to understand for the development team or other team members.

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