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  • I have some steps which might be help you very well, have a look :

    1) When you create blog and upload understandable image for the content to your blog, people keep an eye on the content that either helps them to solve a problem or adds value to their time.

    2) If you are creating good content, then add opt-in to your blog and ask visitors to subscribe to your mailing list (use Hello Bar or MailChimp’s. Both have free options for limited number of visitors). This way, whenever you upload a new blog posts, all of your subscribers will be informed.

    3) Social Bookmarking for an infographic or a video. The more informative and valuable your content is, the greater chances of other websites linking to them (and sending traffic from their site to yours)

    4) Content must have 1-2% of keyword stuffing, if more it can make your website rank go down. Be presenting in every Social Channels or ask for guest post by which it can double on your outreach. Regularly read the articles top websites in your niche are writing.

    Pick 5–7 articles from different authoritative sites with a similar theme. Summarize the key points for each article. Hyperlink the original article with a proper anchor text.

    I hope this helps.

    Warm Regards,



  • Hi, you have to use these steps to promote or get more clicks to your blog post.

    1. Share your blogs with your friends, followers and fans.

    2. Share your blogs in relevant communities of all social channels.

    3. Write SEO-friendly blogs

    4. Share your blogs many times in all social channels

    5. Use eye-catchy images in your blogs

    6. Use relevant and trending Keywords

    7. Share your blogs on others sites as well

    8. Comment and like blogs of others.

    9. Track analytics.

    10. Share links of your social accounts, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook in your blog bio.


    I hope, this will help you attract more clicks on your blog site.



    Never publish and forget always keep the blog in rotation, Always Publish the blog over and over again with new Heading and catchy phrase. Share each blog post multiple times, depending on the platform, in a timely fashion. Try Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Google Plus to promote content. Always boost those content which are doing good and are having good number likes, view and clicks. Use tools like Appstatusbrew to keep a no .of blogs in tweet rotation.


    Give offers to guest posting. Ask bloggers to contribute in your website on a particular niche. Offer your  influencers with payments, shout-out or a free sample of your product or free subscription of your product. By doing this you create a chain between your website and influencer's audience. Give and Take Reviews to others of your niche.A link back to contributer's website from every post they write for you by mentioning them in blog.


    Due to the HummingBird Update by google the search algorithm now emphasis on good quality content and allows only 18-20& plagarism. Make sure to use keywords which are with high search volumes. No need to spam keywords in the blog. Remember always 1-2% keyword usage in the blog. To give your content an edge you can use synonyms of the given keyword and stuff the blog with them. For SEO purposes make infographic, ebook articles and Slideshow presentation for social bookmarking and web 2.0 submissions.


    Be active in every social media platform. Make it an practice to promote your blog in every given social media platform to increase your website score and ranking. Increase your DA by maintaining internal linking and back links from other sites. Form URL nomenclature keep it small and clean and index it by using websmasters. Optimize tweet and gather followers on Pinterest. Make a topic which is to be found by people in abundance. Be active in social channels by thanking and mentioning your top readers.

    I hope you can get traffic by doing this necessary things. Good Luck for your future endeavours. To know more
    contact me in Twitter , LinkedIn

    • The first and the basic rule is to post valuable content that your target audience wants.You can play with your content accordingly depending on what is trending because creating content around hot topic can drive you more traffic and clicks to your blog or article.
    • Secondly,write remarkable and irresistible headlines that can hold the audience , this can get more clicks to your article.
    • Create a marketing routine of places where you share your content, and follow it after publishing a new post.This will get you a viral spreadability, you can also do a search to reach out the relevant forum-like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and etc.
    • Domain name is very important for your site that’s how your visitors will find you and remember you.Search engines can be a valuable driver of traffic in the long run, and you should optimize your blog for them. This is called doing search engine optimization (SEO).
    • Every time I write new content I post it to twitter. If you use the right keywords and make your tweet interesting enough you can get a lot of clickthroughs just from people searching.You can also add some trending hashtags for more visibility.
    • Commenting on blog posts written by industry experts with lots of followers can bring your blog/article a lot of traffic and clicks

    I hope, this will help you attract more clicks on your blog site.
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