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  • Units in PIM

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    Today's blog post describes about Units and their relevance in PIM desktop.



    A unit system is used to manage all possible units required to specify a size. PIM Desktop is supplied with its own unit system, which is based on the UNECE code table. Units are managed in the
    Units perspective. To navigate to the perspective select Management > Units. This perspective contains the Unit systems, Unit system, and Unit maintenance views. 


    Maintained units are used at the following points:

    • Purchase and selling prices
    • Order information
    • Purchasing info records
    • Features     


    Unit systems

    The Unit systems view are used to manage the unit systems. A distinction is made between two different groups:


    User-defined unit systems
    User-defined unit systems can be edited, i.e. rename or delete them. Every unit system created is always of the user-defined type.


    Default unit systems
    One or more default unit systems are created automatically during installation. The default unit systems should be viewed as copies, issued by specialist organizations for example, the SAP unit system is also included in the group.


    Unit system
    The Unit system view can display details of the unit system that was selected in the Unit systems view. If the selected unit system is a default unit system, the corresponding entries can not be modified.


    Unit maintenance
    The individual units are managed in the Unit maintenance view.

    1. Click on to create a new unit.This creates a new row in the table with a unique code.
    2. Enter the data for the unit.
    3. Click on to save the data record.


    User can also assign the unit to a specific category and maintain it as language-specific, or assign a code or acronym to the unit. In addition to the PIM Desktop unit system, user can also assign the codes for the maintained units to other unit systems by using the field filter dialog box to show the corresponding columns. It can be useful to maintaining unit systems with alternative qualifications, particularly when exporting items. If a base unit for a unit is specified, then how to convert between the two units can be defined too.

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