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  • Speed Up Your Google Chrome

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    Hello readers, today I guide you to "How to speed up your google chrome".


    Google-chrome is the most developed and effective browsers available to you, and it could be a reasonable implication that it is a comparatively rich browser than Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox.


    Despite Google-chrome being one of the most effective web browsers, there are lots of tricks that can be applied to further raise the speed of your Google Chrome software or recover its velocity which might have reduced over time due to presence of plug-ins, extensions.


    There are various ingenious ways or tricks to speed up your Google Chrome, as are enumerated below:

    1) Disable plug-ins

    As you set up the browser on your computer or download the application, many unnecessary plugins are also installed with it automatically which are automatically empowered that help Google Chrome process certain types of content such as Adobe flash, Java, Windows Media files etc. There are also some plug-ins which may have been automatically installed but are not necessary for your daily looking. These plug-ins can decrease your system and hence, to fasten the same, it becomes important to disable these plug-ins. To evaluate which of the various plug-ins are irrelevant you may type about: extensions in the navigation link and click the deactivate link to disable these plug-ins and make your chrome operate faster.


    2) Disable extensions

    Extensions are those programs which are available on the Google Chrome Web Store which when added to your browser aid in adding extra features like download tool, Bing bar, and so forth to your internet browser. Yet, useful these might be downloading too many can reduce your web browser and so it is crucial so that you can deactivate them. The set of these extensions is visible under plug-ins in tools, for which click on Wrench icon on the toolbar, choose tools and then choose Extensions. You will see a window with the enabled extensions. You can then either disable them or trash icon to uninstall them.


    3) Clear browsing history and cookies

    As you browse through different websites on your internet web browser, the browser stores the URLs, cached texts, download history, cookies etc., and also presents you with preferences of the most visited sites. The target behind storing this data is to facilitate the user and help him save time by being able to access web sites faster without downloading it everything on re-accessing the data. Nevertheless, the background of every accessed website is not required and hence, to stop your web browser from reducing you can clear your browsing background. To do so, click the clear history option in Tools under Wrench tool Icon. You can find an option clearing surfing around data. This will help you in speeding up your browser.


    There exists a step-around to directly delete your browsing history, press Ctrl+shift+Del ->  find the starting of time from the drop down menu and look into the boxes you want in order to. And select Clear Browsing Info.


    4) Memory allocation changes

    By making the required changes in the memory space allocation, the users of Google-chrome can improve their web browsing speed. The same can be performed by typing 'chrome: //flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area' in the navigation of the browser, next which the users will be re-directed to an options page of which the first tab will show the default option as enabled. Change it to 512 MB which is the actual memory space of your pc or laptop but Chrome defaults it to 128 MB for security reasons, and re-launch the software.


    5) Task Manager changes

    To make changes to your Taskmanager click on SHIFT + CTRL+ESC, and then right click on the chrome process and then place the tab to high priority. It will help for making the other operations lesser important and velocity your browser.

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