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  • Data Consolidation Process in MDM hub console

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    MDM "The Master Data Management" as the name suggested MDM is set of tool and process which is much secure used by enterprises regularly maintain their data and information. It is helpful in maintaining data easily and keep track of data for easy audit purpose.

    In this tutorial, we will discuss about Data Consolidation process in case of  Match and Merge in MDM Hub Console. To begin with the process description it is important to first understand the following: 


    Base Object :  A base object is a table containing consolidated data for an entity. Each base object consists of system columns and user-defined column. Common system columns include ROWID_OBJECT, CONSOLIDATION_IND, and LAST_UPDATE_DATE. The base object represents the Best Version of the Truth.


    Cross Reference Tables : Cross-Reference (XREF) Tables track the source system cells which contributed to the data in the user defined columns of a base object..  Each base object has a Cross-Reference (XREF) Table associated to it .


    Trust Levels : Trust levels are defined for a base object or source data. It represents the level of confidence in the accuracy of data contained in a cell. It is indicated as percentage.


    Data Consolidation Process

    The use of merging data in Informatica MDM Hub is to combine the records together into a single, consolidated record by removing all duplicates.  It also includes maintaining traceability to determine which systems and the cells from that source system are contributing to the BVT. The match process aids to determine Duplicate records.

    Informatica MDM Hub compares records at the cell level. The data in cells which have the highest trust level are consolidated together.


    Automatic and Manual Consolidation

    Consolidation can be carried out manually using the MDM Hub Merge Manager. In order to consolidate the records automatically the merge process can be executed as a batch process from the batch viewer or using any external application that uses the Services Integration Framework (SIF).


    Consolidation Indicator

    The consolidation indicator identifies the status of individual records relating to their consolidation when as they progress through various processes in MDM Hub. All the base objects have a system column named CONSOLIDATION_IND.  It can have one of the following values.


    Consolidation Indicator Values
    Value State Name Description
    1 CONSOLIDATED This record has been consolidated, determined to be unique, and represents the best version of the truth.
    2 Not MERGED or MATCHED This record has gone through the match process and is ready to be consolidated. Also, if a record has gone through the manual merge process, where the matching is done by a data steward, the consolidation indicator is 2.
    3 QUEUED_FOR_MATCH This record is a match candidate in the match batch that is being processed in the currently-executing match process.
    4 NEWLY_LOADED This record is a new insert or is unmerged and must undergo the match process.
    9 ON_HOLD The data steward has put this record on hold until further notice.



    How Consolidation Indicator Changes

    1. During the load process, when a new record is loaded into a base object, Informatica MDM Hub assigns the record a consolidation indicator of 4, indicating that the record needs to be matched.
    2. Near the start of the match process, when a record is selected as a match candidate, the match process changes its consolidation indicator to 3.
    3. Before completing, the match process changes the consolidation indicator of match candidate records to 2 . In case of a manual merge or if the data steward performs a manual match, the consolidation indicator of the merged record is 2.
    4. If Accept All Unmatched Rows as Unique is enabled, and a record has undergone the match process but no matches were found, then Informatica MDM Hub automatically changes its consolidation indicator to 1 (unique).
    5. If Accept All Unmatched Rows as Unique is enabled, after the record has undergone the consolidate process, and once a record has no more duplicates to merge with, Informatica MDM Hub changes its consolidation indicator to 1, meaning that this record is unique in the base object, and that it represents the master record (best version of the truth) for that entity in the base object.

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