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  • UI psychology

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    There is a deep psychology behind the designs. The perception behind the designs varies from person to person. A designer approaches UI from:


    They play through the senses to grab attention. Bright colors and gradients, large fonts, beeps, and tones will capture attention. They try an make things stand out more. Using distinguished icons, basic flashy things. They do not crave for users distraction but they create things for people to pay attention.

    Here I discuss some basic psychological methods & views that might help you to dig out better designs. Its quite hard to make a satisfactory design liked by all we know. Its just like sort of a healthy food, for some it may be delicious while other may dislike it. The same applies to the UI design.

    Our brain, memory and the visual system plays a vital role in how we create something and how we define our principles of looking into it.

    1. EASILY CONVEYED UI Convey any message with quite ease. It must be kept in mind that human brain percieves any visual information quite easily. Long texts difficult to describe in words,can be easily depicted in a picture. Although they prefer short lines, but yet they want to read better! Its bewildering but we need to decide whether preference or performance is more important!

    2. COMPLICATED HUMAN MEMORY As we know our memory is fragile. It vanishes and degrades away too quickly, in a blink of an eye sometimes ;) Designers must simply avoid making people remember things & construct memories, from one task to another or one page to another.

    3. ELEMENTS MUST BE CENTERED TO SIMPLICITY Eye tracking, flashy objects are interesting without any doubts, but provide something

    a) Straight and simple

    b) Required at the moment

    c) People can actually process

    d) Leaving them less choices.

    A dynamic designer/programmer looks through it in yet different ways. The most crucial is the visual hierarchy & the basic mental model. As a good design is all about visual communication. Evenly people organize designs through visual communications. Page layouts


    Color tints

    Grouping & focusing



    Directions too play crucial role in visual hierarchy.

    Understanding designs in term of visual relationships can head our ways towards an effective designer!

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