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  • UI Design Graphic Tips to Create Splash Screen for Mobile Apps

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    Splash Screen is the first screen of your app or you can also call it the intro screen of your app. It is a graphical control window in which you can see the logo of your brand or an image and the version of software that is used while launching a game or a program.



    In this tutorial, I am providing some basic important tips to Create Splash Screen for Mobile Apps.


    1. Appropriate Size

    In Today's technology there are lots of smartphone having different screen resolution. For example if you created the splash screen for latest android then what about the older version of the android and i phone screen resolution?

    You have to create different splash screen for different screen resolution. The best way to deal with it is to create three different splash screen in different sizes first high resolution second medium and third is small, Choose the screen which is closest to your mobile device.



    2. Keep it Simple & Neat

    You should make your splash screen very neat and simple. Avoid unnecessary elements to use in your splash.

    Be focus on your product. your splash screen will represents the motto of your brand. use your logo, brand name which describes your app the best. simple is great example of splash screen which mirrors the interface users will discover in the rest of the app.



    3. Keep it High Resolution

    Every element of your splash screen should be in high resolution, unblemished image will get observed by users in a good way. Splash screen is a symbol for your whole app.



    4. Loading / Launching Time

    Loading time depends on the user's mobile processor. The mobile has access to load your splash screen. The splash screen is a still image, which comes for few seconds at that time you are unable to interact with the app you can only wait to finish the loading. To reassure your user you can mention in your splash that your app is loading and after few seconds you are able to use your app.

    UI Design Graphic Tips to Create Splash Screen for Mobile Apps

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