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  • Types of Regression Testing

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    Regression Testing

    Re-executing the old test cases across multiple releases or built to make sure that changes or bug fixes has not affected the existing functionalities is known as regression testing.

    Whenever some code changes or bug fixes done by the developers to make sure that there is no impact area we go for regression testing.

    What are Regression Test Cases?

    Re-executing old features test cases once again in a new release to make sure that changes has not affected the existing functionality are called regression test cases.

    Challenges of Regression Testing:

    1.Number of test cases increases release by release.
    2.Less Time.
    3.Less resources.
    4.Less accuracy i.e, the test engineer performs repetitive task which is a boring and monotonous job therefore accuracy may be less.
    5.Identifying impact area.

    Types of Regression Testing

    Unit Regression Testing

    Testing only the changed unit we call it as unit regression testing. In this type of testing whenever a unit or module is modified the test engineer concentrate or retest only that particular unit or module as they are sure that it does not have any impact area.

    Regional Regression Testing

    Testing the entire region or the modules once again that are affected due to changes is called regional regression testing.

    Full Regression Testing

    Testing the new features as well as the complete old features is known as full regression testing.

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