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  • Top Mobile Design Trends to Know This Year

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    There are a lot of businesses right now that started to realize the importance of having their very own mobile  app design. They know that a lot of users are using their phones right now. If they would not be available through mobile, how will people notice them more?


    There are millions of applications that are being downloaded right now. How sure are you that your very own mobile app will also be downloaded by people? You know that people use applications in order to order their meals. Some people also use mobile apps in order to shop for the things that they like.


    Your Mobile App


    It does not mean that just because you have created a mobile app, people are already going to start downloading your app on their phones. You need to make sure that their user experience will be awesome. That is the only time that they can become actual customers.


    What are the things that customers usually look at? These things will be considered:



    • Navigation within the application
    • Hierarchy
    • Fast download
    • Images and other media files.
    • Hope you are doing good.


    When people have issues with your app, you can be sure that people will not check out what you are selling. It will help if you would become familiar with the current mobile design trends. This will make it easier for you to improve your app and make it more appealing to people.


    Mobile Design Trends to Know



    What is your current mobile app design? Do you think that this is appealing to your target market? If you disagree, now is the time for you to consider your design now and change it to your advantage. These are some trends that you have to know:




    Come up with designs that will be more effective for bigger screens.



    It is obvious that more and more phones right now are getting bigger. There are a lot of people who are using phablets right now because they find it easier to check their emails, play games, and so much more. Your mobile application can also become more appreciated if they would fit the phablet screen well.


    The user interface is now simplified.



    There are a lot of users who will appreciate the application more when they know how to use it. Make your application simple and people will definitely like your app more. Simple interfaces are also more functional.


    Instead of just “tapping”, you can choose “swiping”.



    If you want people to appreciate your mobile app more, allow them to swipe to check out the different pages or to see the various products that you are offering through your app. The typical smartphone can already be swiped but you need to make sure that your mobile app can be swiped easily too.


    To make it easier for you to think of the right design, you can gain inspiration from the things that you will see on Pinterest and also on Twitter. You can also hire a professional who will be in charge of designing your mobile app effectively. Try out Reinvently for this purpose and you may have the mobile app that will surely improve your company’s sales.


    Make the app easier to navigate in.



    There are a lot of buttons that will allow you to navigate from one portion of the mobile design app to another. The clearer the navigation is, the easier it will be for users to know how your app can be used. Remember that when people find your app simple to understand, they would like to use it more.



    These are a few tips on how you can make the app easier to navigate:



    Allow easy scrolling especially when you have placed long details.

    Provide different navigational options.

    Infinite scrolling for applications that will contain a lot of information.

    Make sure that there are eye-catching elements available.



    If people would find your application boring, they will not bother downloading it. If they have already downloaded it, they may tell other people how boring your app is. This is not something that you want to happen. You can add more elements that will entice people to download and check out the rest of your app.


    Do remember that animation right now is no longer just for games. There are a lot of apps that now use animation in order to entice people to check out what they can offer. Hopefully, this article has helped  you gain all the information that you need to create your new app design. Are you ready to create the design ow?

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