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  • Tips to Design a good logo

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    Logo design is a thing that surrounds us, with every new creation it becomes hard for someone to make it look unique. As a creative designer you have to create a subjective solution that addresses the basic requirement of your client. Where, to the client its all about representation on which their branding depends as an instant reminder of a company or a product. It has to be on everything from your Business Card to your Website, reaching to all your customers in every prospect.

    Below are some effective tips for creating a clever logo design, Lets start with the basics first,

    1. Keep it Simple because a complex design will loose its detail when scaled to smaller dimension. Simple logos are easy to recognize & remember. Take inspiration from logos like Facebook.

    2. Should have a strong logic

    Research a lot >> Conceptualize >> Sketch.

    It should represent the company in a unique & iconic way.

    1. Must be Meaningful & Enduring + Versatile I personally believe there should be a rationale behind the logo representing its brand identity. A good logo also re-enforces its brand.

    2. Use a vector graphic so it can be scaled without loosing its quality. be sure you have it in all three of these essential file formats: EPS for printing, JPEG and GIF for your website.

    3. Should be adaptable in one color printing & light/dark backgrounds.

    Next steps ahead,

    Once you ensure that your logo fits up best in the above criteria look up into some more..

    1. Make a Responsive logo, try it out with different sizes all small & enlarged. Just suppose your logo looks amazing in a 24hd screen but doesn't in a small size.

    2. Use fonts which sums up the 'brand requirement'

    3. Color is the key because every color is an implication towards something, here's a quick breakdown from "The Psychology of Color in Logo Design"

    Red: energetic, bold

    Orange: creative, friendly, youthful

    Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism

    Green: growth, organic, instructional

    Blue: professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy

    Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative

    Black: credible and powerful

    White: simple, clean, pure

    Pink: fun and flirty

    Brown: rural, historical, steady

    1. Don't let clients manipulate your work, Gather all the relevant information initially but don't let them dictate your design.

    Lastly, let the best be your inspiration but don't let your temptation to imitate something, because if you think nobody will notice, think twice :-)

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