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  • Thread Testing

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    Thread Testing

    Thread testing is one of the addition/incremental procedures received during System Integration Testing. That is the reason, thread testing is also known as a "thread interaction test."

    This approach is used to check the key functional abilities of a particular thread (task). It is generally led at the early phase of integration testing stage.

    Sorts/Types of Thread Testing:- Thread based testing are indexed into two classes, mentioned as below -

    Testing with Single thread:- A single/solitary thread testing includes one application exchange at once.

    Testing with Multi-thread:- A multi-string testing includes a few simultaneously active exchange at once.

    Testing Strategy for Thread Test:-


    This procedure concentrates on the integration activities as opposed to the full development life-cycle.

    • The thread or functionality (little program) are integrated and tried incrementally as a subsystem, and after that executed for an entire framework/system.
    • At the lowest level, it provides the integrator with better information of the scope of what to test.
    • Thread based testing is a type of session-based testing
    • Instead of testing programming parts specifically, it required integrator to focus on testing logical execution paths with regards to the whole framework/system.

    Tips for Multithread Testing:-


    • Test your multi-threaded program by executing it more than once with an alternate mix of applications running.
    • Test your multi-threaded program by having various examples of the project active in the meantime.
    • Execute your multi-threaded program on various equipment models with different stress levels and workloads.
    • Code inspection.
    • Just gather errors and disappointments that happened in threads other than the main one.


    Challenges in thread Testing:-


    • Composing unit tests for multi-threaded code is a testing undertaking.
    • The main problem is that you should be able to program reproducible test for unit test.
    • Testing standards for multi-thread testing are different as compared to single thread testing. Different variables like memory size, storage limit, timing issues, and so on varies for multi-thread testing when called on different hardware.




    1- Strategy to confirm the key practical capacities of a particular task.
    2- Testing are organized into two classes-
        (a) Single string testing
        (b) Multi string testing


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