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  • SEO Myths and The Way Out

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    In the digital means of business transactions of today, the fate of businesses is determined through how they rank on SEO. If you desire the best results that you are going to be proud of which will not make you chase after ordinary shadow; then you need an insight into the myths that come with SEO. How can you best avoid such? The answers you are going to get one after the other below in this article by

    Myth 1

    We shall start with the subject of penalties. It should be noted that a lot of misinformation is many on the subject of penalties that SEO dish out to companies that break the rule. When people see changes in the Goggles algorithm, they refer to such as penalties. When you drop in rankings, look in the direction of changes in the algorithm or investigate your manual actions before concluding that you have been penalized.

    Myth 2 

    Another myth has to do with the belief that you must submit your URL to search engines in other for you to be ranked. The way the technology of today works will immediately make the search engine locate your brand immediately you register your domain name. You can only submit the URL of your website if you have a significant re-build.

    Myth 3

    The talk about keyword density has changed in the SEO raking of today. It was in the Wild West days that keyword density plays an important role but today, things have changed for the best. The focus now is on relevant and high-quality content that has nothing to do with keyword density. 

    Myth 4

    When you say content is king, you are dead right. But it should be realized that a king cannot rule without the subjects. The king needs the queen and the court to function effectively well. The queen here is the link to the website and the court represents the design and usability. The quality in all the areas mentioned will be closely monitored by goggles before rankings can take place.

    Identifying fake SEO news

    The SEO expert

    If you wanted the fastest way to avoid the myths that we have mentioned above; then you need expert advice from the masters that are grounded in the sector. When you talk to the SEO experts, you are going to gain valuable insight.

    Fact-based insight

    Big data can be relied on to point smart CEOs in the right direction. The opinion that is worth your considerations should be backed up by data and the necessary facts. Where they are lacking, do not believe such.


    Another means of busting the big data issue is to recognize context. When you read quotations from the experts; make sure you look in the direction of the source of the quotation. If the source is credible enough, then you can believe in them. If you have your reservations, it is best to thrash the context.

    Final thoughts

    The myths above should be avoided. We have provided three sure ways of making assurances doubly sure.

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