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  • SEO Growth Hacker Plan: Learn and Promote your Business

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    STEP I- Website Optimization

    (One Time Effort During Development) Enhancing technical aspects of website (On-site) is the first SEO move. Your focus should be to optimize your website for high user friendly experience and make it readily available for search engines to index.

    Following will be the Process:

    In-depth Analysis: Website & Competition

    A detailed study of business scope, target users, website architecture, competitors, content, performance and traffic statistics will helps to develop knowledge base of your business model and competitors. This is crucial as you have to develop strategies for your website to rank on Page 1.

    Extensive Keyword Research

    Research should be conducted to explore target business keywords that your prospect Client uses to find you. you have to decide 5 keyword phrases and assure your website a Page 1 Rank for agreed or finalized keyword phrases.

    Content Keyword Density

    Optimum keyword density assists the prospect client to find you and also helps the search engines to crawl and index your website.

    HTML Code Optimization

    You have to evaluate best practices for formatting and presentation of content by using appropriate HTML tags (H1, H2, etc.). Optimizing HTML code logically is important for search engine indexing and your visitors.

    Web Page tags

    Optimize web page layout using tags and assist search engines to read, index and efficiently rank the web pages of your website.

    SEO Friendly URL

    Generate SEO Friendly URL, custom build for each page to assist search engines index your website.

    Image tags

    Optimize your website images by implementing <Alt> and <title> attributes. Search engines require this description to understand your images and also function as visual aid to website visitors.


    Create Robots.txt file to direct search engine crawlers/spiders to ignore unnecessary files.

    301 & 404 Redirection

    Redirect your pages using best practices to help users and search engines to smoothly browse/crawl your website and to avoid Canonical Issue.

    For details please visit my previous blog 301 redirect.

    Create/Implement: Sitemap & Webmaster (Google)

    You have to generate xml/txt sitemap files and submit this to Google webmaster for page indexing.

    Google Analytics Setup

    Generate Google Analytics code on every page and exclude clients IP address to track accurate statistics on the website.

    STEP II- Social Media Optimization

    alt text

    (One Time Effort During Development)

    More than 1 billion Social Media users and growing, your prospect clients are on Social Media! Are you? you have to understand this powerful platform and focus to increase your brand exposure, relevant traffic and sales.

    Following will be the Process:

    Social Networking:

    Account Setup & Business/Fan page Creation (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) You have to set up your Social Accounts and create custom pages to target your potential clients.

    Community Building & Monitoring: Account Management/Promotion

    Keep monitoring your competitors activities and enter communities by sharing your ideas and thoughts. If you are unavailable to constantly update Social Media, we can take care of this.

    Blog Integration

    Take the experts advice or research for topics for blogging strategies on Social Media to get higher traffic and comments to reach your prospect clients.

    RSS Feed Reader Implementation

    RSS or Really Simple Syndication technology provides news and announcements that are important to your business. Do not miss to take leverage the benefits of this tool.

    STEP III- Link Building/Content Marketing

    alt text

    (Monthly Maintenance)

    Quality back-links are vital for increasing ranking and traffic. Search engines view back-links as vote of confidence for your website. Our experts work within Google guidelines and build high quality links every month to get your website to Page 1. Monthly activity is of vital importance for your Page 1 success. You have to continuously work on your website to enhance its efficiency.

    You have to start performing all you monthly maintenance activities just after the onsite optimization(Onsite SEO) part of your website is done. You should continue to work on all the below mentioned activities per month on a regular and controlled basis as per the defined guidelines drafted by search engines, so that you can get appropriate benefit in terms of visibility and ranking of websites keywords from major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

    Link building and content marketing doesn't give instant results, however it takes regular efforts to generate fruitful results. So you shoud continuing efforts on link building/content marketing start showing results after 3 months & after 3 months you will start seeing an increase in number of visitors towards your website.
    This continuing effort will help to get more back-links towards your website for your targeted keywords and after 4 to 6 months you will see your targeted keywords attaining good ranking & start performing well on search engine with a regular increase in the keyword rank and come up on the first page of Google/Yahoo/Bing.

    For this Following will be the process

    Manual Directory Submission

    Submit your website manually to free directories including search engine directories to gain online popularity.

    Niche/Local Business Directory Submission

    Submit your website regularly to free local business directories along with niche directories for higher exposure on local business listing directories.

    Social Media Submission or Social Bookmarking

    Submit your website to free social media directories(bookmarking sites) to gain online media publicity. For more details on Social Bookmarking please visit my previous blogs:
    - Social Bookmarking
    - Top Social Bookmarking Sites

    Social Media Marketing

    Profile page & Fan page creation is one time setup but the promotion is has to be done on monthly basis.

    Blog Submission

    Optimize blog articles (if blog exists) and submit it with few lines of posted articles in blog promotion directories on monthly basis to promote site in Off-site media.

    Article Submission

    Optimize and submit articles in several article marketing directories on monthly basis to get best results for your website.

    last but most important: As they say "Content is King" so Regular Quality Content Generation and posting it on your site so that above activities can be initiated is very important.

    To know about Digital Marketing Growth Factors please visit my previous blog:

    Digital Marketing: Growth Factors that Entrepreneurs Should Consider

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