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  • Overview of Flex box CSS3 with demo

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    It is so called the new layout which is given by CSS3.

    It is an improved version of our native block model in which we uses float properties.

    It mainly consists of two main thing.

    1. Flex container

    2. Fex items

    1. Flex container - It is declared, when we are setting up the display property. 
    2. Flex items - Flex container consist of multiple flex items.

    There are certain properties associated with flex box:
    1. Align content - It is used to align the items.
    2. Flex-wrap - It specifies that the item is wraped or not.
    3. Direction - It specify that the item inside container are align to which direction.
    4. Justify content - It align the item horizontally when the space between the item are not enough.

    These properties are basically used to beautify the overall layout.

    We have to use -webkit, -moz, etc for different browser, so that the browser have flex support.

    You can also see the demo attached.

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