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  • Introduction to bootstrap 4

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    In this blog, I'll tell you a brief description of Bootstrap 4. Currently, Bootstrap 4 alpha was released. This release included a major upgrade of Bootstrap with some huge changes to the way it functions. Porting from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 only some of the components are same (some are improved), and only a few have been dropped (with functionality ported to new components). 



    Bootstrap 4 causes  lot of changes to most components, including tables, forms, grids, dropdowns, navbars, and more.

    In Tables :-  It supports Inverse Tables, Table Head Styles, also .table- prefix has been added for its contextual classes,Bootstrap 4 also added .responsive-table to the actual <table> element.

    In Forms :-  .form-horizontal class has been dropped to display horizontal forms, Forms require the .row class when using grids, Use .form-control-lg and .form-control-sm to increase or decrease the size of an input control, uses the .form-text class to display help text.

    In Grids :- uses 5 tier drid system (xs, sm, md, lg, xl), Uses offset-*-* classes to offset columns. For example, offset-md-4.

    In Dropdowns :- Dropdowns can be built with <ul> or <div>s,  Apply .dropdown header to <h1> - <h2>tags (as Bootstrap no longer uses <li> tags to build dropdowns).


    Some of the remarkable changes are :- 


    1. Bootstrap 4 follows Sass.

    2. It has Newly added Improved grid system.

    3. It supports Opt-in flexbox.

    4. New component Card is introduced & thumbnails and panels  are dropped.

    5. Pixels uses rems and ems instead of px,  where to make responsive typography and part measuring even easier.

    6. Improved auto-placement of tooltips and popovers.

    7. In bootstrap 4 many classes like new utility classes, Custom form controls, margin and padding classes have also been added.

    8.Each javascript plugin has been changed to exploit the most current JavaScript upgrades.



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