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    This blog post provides an overview of the Informatica MDM Merge Manager.


    Merge Manager

    Merge Manager is a component of the Informatica MDM Hub Data Steward workbench. Merge manager is used to reviewing and merging the matched records that have been queued for manual merging. It has two screens:

    Setup : Allows to select the information to work with: base object, packages, unmerged records, query settings, and display settings.

    Merge Manager: Shows the records that have been selected, along with the records to which they match.


    Merge Manager Cycle

    A typical cycle for a Merge Manager includes the following steps:

    1. Provide Search Criteria
    2. Merge Records
    3. Match Data
    4. Match History
    5. Record System State


    Provide Search Criteria: Query manual matched records for determination

    • Select Base Object with manual matches
    • Select merge package
    • Choose display package
    • Take ownership of how many records?
    • Select package to modify records
    • Choose query (constraints) to self-assign


    Merge Records: The merge screen is divided into three parts:

    • Unmerged/on hold: Lists the records that are queued for merging—either unmerged records or are flagged as being on hold.
    • Matched Data: Lists the matches for the record selected in the top section.
    • Cell Data: Lists which cell values will be kept in the consolidated record after the Merge.


    Match Data: The steps involved are:

    • Searching for potential Matches
    • Viewing Cross- Reference Records
    • Editing A Record
    • Showing a Match Rule
    • Displaying the Relationship Dialog


    Match History:  This feature helps visualize why certain records were consolidated to a particular record through Build Match Group (BMG) process, which removes redundant matching in advance of the consolidating process.


    Record System State: The system state of a record describes how base object records are supported by Informatica MDM Hub. The different System States are Active, Pending, and Deleted.


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